EMF Protection Accessories that Children Can Wear at School

emf protection accessories

How protected is your child? With the advancement of technology comes a great deal of risk to human beings, especially to children. The danger with radiation from technologies that we are enjoying today is that they are undetectable with our naked eyes. Long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) radiation is a potential harm to our tech-savvy kids of this generation. Luckily, you won’t feel bothered any longer because EMF protection accessories exist to look after your child’s safety.

Let’s take a look at these products and how they keep kids protected from EMF radiation even in school. 

EMF Protection Accessories
  1. EMF Protection Bracelets

The World Health Organization (WHO) in 2011 recorded that cell phone radiation is a 2B carcinogen. It shows that long-term exposure to cell phones is a threat to adults and to kids as well.  

But, EMF protection bracelets are among the most effective EMF protection accessories you can find., With these, you can now add another layer of protection to shield your kids from EMF radiation. They are not ordinary bracelets; EMF protection bracelets are reportedly known to shield against electropollution from gadgets that emit EMF radiation.

Quanthor EMF Protection Bracelets is a 4-in-1 bracelet that fit kids of all ages. They don’t only look great but also make you feel great knowing you are protected. It has silicone components that are infused with negative ion generator, which emits 1000 ions per cubic cm.

The Unipolar Neodymium magnets can help in giving mental concentration and muscle strength. The Germanium components help the body to fight disease to avoid migraines, and to toughen resistance. Absorbing energy from a variety of sources and helping support the circulation are the functions of FIR technology that these bracelets contain.

These EMF bracelets are safe for continuous wearing and come in a fashionable design, so they look just like ordinary bracelets but with many benefits. Wearing them will never be a problem since they are simple to wear and your child will never go unprotected in schools.

  1. EMF Protection Pendants

The danger of today’s technology to kids is out of control. Letting them wear something for protection is necessary. Protecting them from EMF radiation is possible by letting them put on jewelry or accessory. One example is the Orgone Pendant Flower of Life.

It is believed that there are centers of energy that move inside us that called chakras. In a healthy, normal person, these 7 chakras should give the appropriate amount of energy to every part of the body, mind, and spirit. Therefore, if one of the chakras is not functioning well, the health will suffer.  

This Orgone Pendant Flower of Life will cleanse and clear the chakras. It enables to unite with your spirit guides. In addition, they guard against negativity by drawing away a dangerous vibe.  

Moreover, it does not only protect your child from the destructive effect of EMF, but it carries a lot of additional benefits too, like better sleep and good physical and spiritual feeling. What is special about this pendant? Your child will have the privilege to enjoy the 10 powerful ingredients for health. Most especially, it comes in a fashionable design that is suitable for daily wearing by kids at schools.

  1. EMF Protection Necklace

According to Stephen Sinatra, MD, an integrative metabolic cardiologist who is also known as the co-founder of Doctors for Safer Schools, children in technologically advanced classrooms have protested of the following symptoms: lightheadedness, irregular heartbeat, weakness, anxiety, fatigue, feeling faint, no concentration, and chest pain. These signs show that kids who experience heavy electromagnetic radiation exposure throughout the day are the potential victims.

You can sit back and relax at home without worrying about your child’s safety from EMF if your kid is wearing the Black Tourmaline Crystal Necklace. It derives tourmaline crystal, which is one of the most powerful scalar energy. It blocks and eliminates bad energy. Also, they absorb EMF radiation, which makes it a perfect protection for your kid at school.

Black Tourmaline natural stone can help you feel attached to the earth, which helps push away harmful electric fields. Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman said in his lectures on electromagnetism that making direct contact with the earth can eradicate voltage and radiation from everyday electric sources.

Luckily, you won’t have trouble convincing your kids to have this necklace because it is trendy. Also, they may opt to wear it or carry it in their purse.

  1. EMF Protection Pouch

One of the best EMF protection accessories today is the pouch. Children nowadays are becoming very exposed to tablets and mobile phones. Researches were performed in a lab to find out what took place when subjects are exposed to cell phone radiation. The results show electromagnetic radiation causes damage to the DNA and cancer. Too much exposure to cell phones is one of the biggest problems for kids these days. For this reason, experts created the EMF protection pouch.

Fortunately, there are things that children can do to stay away from extra levels of EMF.

  • Avoid carrying their phones in their pockets.
  • Avoid using laptops on your lap, especially when charging
  • Use speakerphone when talking on their phones.
  • Avoid Wifi or unplug it if not in use.
  • Put your mobile phones in an EMF protection pouch to lessen the EMF radiation.

Never underestimate EMF radiation, and be appreciative of EMF protection accessories are now providing the ultimate lifesaving hack. It is a serious threat to kids’ safety. But we cannot just let this pass and watch our kids suffer. Prevention is always better than cure, so choose from the options of EMF protection listed above and shield your kid from such hazard.

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