5 Scientific Studies on EMF radiation health risks

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When it comes to EMF issues, one of the most frequently heard phrases is “There is no evidence to support EMFs having health effects” or simply “There is no conclusive evidence”. There is no need for EMF protection!

This is completely wrong!

There is an enormous body of evidence out there, but public and even academic awareness seem to be very poor.

Emf Neutralizer – International AWARDS as Personal Shield Radiation Blocker

Therefore, here is a list of papers and odds ratios which either show serious effects or are considered important papers on the subject which we have collected over the years.


  • Magnetic Field Exposure and Cancer: Questions and Answers. National Cancer Institute.


  • What Are Electromagnetic Fields? World Health Organization.


  • Cell Phones and Cancer Risk


  • Evidence to support EMFs having health effects


These studies have shown that EMFs have a measurable effect and are not just psychosomatic.

Protecting Yourself

Can you protect yourself from EMF radiation?

Luckily one the most powerful device is QuanThor that can shield you from radiation or negate the effects with their own resonating field.

The levels of exposure we face in 2016 are higher and have crept into everyday life, even for children.  The levels at which undesirable effects on health and well-being are seen is much lower. There is much greater involuntary exposure, and it is nearly unavoidable even for people who choose not to ‘go wireless’ (second-hand radiation effects).

Safe forms of communication by land-line telephone are being phased out without general public knowledge or agreement.  There is no informed consent for consumers (warning labels on cell phones, for example, have been defeated by telecom industry lobby groups).

It is still difficult or impossible for a consumer to get reliable information on levels of exposure from wireless devices, It is simply beyond the reach of people to identify where excessively high levels of exposure occur in their communities, and it is very rare for a county or state health department to accommodate requests for information or provide measurements.

Blood-brain barrier effects

Swedish researchers from Lund University (Salford, Brun, Persson, Eberhardt, and Malmgren) have studied the effects of microwave radiation on the rat brain.

They found a leakage of albumin into the brain via a permeated blood-brain barrier. This confirms earlier work on the blood-brain barrier by Allan Frey, Oscar and Hawkins, and Albert and Kerns. 

Other groups have not confirmed these findings in vitro cell studies or whole animal studies.

Prof Leszczynski of Finland’s radiation and nuclear safety authority found that, at the maximum legal limit for mobile radiation, one protein, in particular, HSP 27, was affected. HSP 27 played a critical role in the integrity of the blood-brain barrier.