How to evaluate your EMF exposure without using EMF meters


Every average household is now exposed to the electromagnetic field due to appliances such as microwave ovens, WiFi, cell phones, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, digital baby alarms, transformers, fax machines, computers, TV’s, LED lights, fluorescent bulbs, power lines and so on.

Due to modern communication methods, man-made EMF’s are more dense the higher we go off the ground.

Many people are unaware that their body is under stress from EMF exposures, however, when scientifically examined, their physiology tells a different story. Therefore, a person must avoid excess EMF exposure because the long-term effects can lead to cancer and  DNA damage.

Emf Meter – exposure and protection

Estimations of the EMF are obtained by utilizing an E-field sensor or H-field sensor which can be isotropic or mono-axial. A mono-axial is a one-directional probe, which detects the Electric or Magnetic field.

It implies the requirement for three estimations brought with the sensor hub set up along three commonly orthogonal headings, in  X, Y, Z design. There are practical instruments present to check for power frequencies.

An isotropic probe can simplify the measurement by determining the total field value with three measurements. Instead of using emf meter, we will figure out alternative ways to determine our exposure.

So what can be done to evaluate your emf exposure without using emf meter? Firstly, make a note of all the appliances you use in your home. As you already know, every appliance has its own emf that can intervene with the human body and cause defects, you can try to avoid as much of these as possible.

As the technology advances there are many appliances which cannot be avoided as we depend on them, but for health and safety concerns a person must look for alternative ways.

If you find yourself talking too much on the phone against your head or using it in standby mode or keeping it really close while you sleep at night, you must be concerned because these habits can lead to excess emf exposure.

These exposures can be quite harmful to your health. Therefore, try to avoid cordless phones and replace them with corded phones. Do not use a cellular phone in a car without an external antenna.

If it is unavoidable to use cellphone then limit the time usage, and never keep it near you while you sleep. Moreover, never use a laptop device on your lap and sit at least 2 feet away from it. If you are not working on the internet then disable the wifi option or try to use the cable internet.

To evaluate your exposure to electromagnetic radiation in your house by making sure that
1: You don’t stand near a microwave when it is on
2: You do not use cordless phones or cell phones
3: You do not keep cellphones next to you while sleeping
4: You do not have Wi-Fi switched on all the time
5: Your home is not within the capacity of a cell phone tower
6: You do not live in a geopathic stress zone

This way you can somehow prevent a little electromagnetic field exposure. You can use alternative or safer ways to avoid emf. Make sure you test your microwave for leaks and don’t stand near a microwave when its on. Instead, you can opt a safer way to cook rather than using a microwave.

Here are some recommendations that can be considered to be a high priority in order to keep everyone in the home safe.

  • Arrange your house in such a way that all your appliances are away from the bedrooms you sleep in. Never keep a tv, refrigerator, or computer in the same room where you sleep because they release emf which can alter your sleep patterns.
  • Avoid sleeping with electric blankets and electric heating pads
  • Use a computer monitor that has LCD screen which produces low electromagnetic radiation.
  • Keep a distance from microwave ovens, electric kettles, and toaster while they are switched on.
  • Never let children play with mobile phones or tablets for more than an hour or so, also refrain them from using too much television and video games.
  • Find an alternative for electrically operated devices with manual devices such as can openers etc.
  • Replace Wi-Fi with Ethernet cable modem and turn on the Wi-Fi only when needed.
  • Pregnant women should take extra care and avoid as much exposure.
  • Replace cordless phones with corded units.
  • Limit the usage of fluorescent bulbs.
  • Survey the house for dangerous levels of electromagnetic radiation due to wiring faults and ground errors.
  • Use a grounding cord for your laptop.
  • You can use Sheild fabrics for windows and canopies
  • Use a Y-shield paint that reduces RF and microwave radiation
  • Keep a Himalayan salt lamp on your work desk near your laptop or computer.
  • Unplug unnecessary gadgets from power outlets at night time.
  • Ground yourself, find a place away from home and relax there.

These are just simple things you can do to make a dramatic difference in your symptoms. You might feel less lethargic, less headaches, more energetic and increased concentration.These recommendations also imply on people at offices and schools as well.

Although it is not possible to completely avoid all the appliances and their electromagnetic field, we can at least try to find better substitutes and limit our exposure.

Scientist are finding ways to eliminate dangers of emf, one such way is the hair Tissue Mineral Analysis mineral balancing which has many benefits related to emf pathology. It uses different minerals which help the cells to detoxify.

It helps by increasing cellular energy by optimizing the biochemistry of cells. hTMA mineral balancing provides you with minerals that nourish your body needs to shield yourself from the arranged destructive impacts of emf.

Evaluating EMF exposure without emf meters require a person to look around at the surrounding for appliances that emit EMF, rather than purchasing emf meters we can try and avoid our susceptibility. In order to remain healthy prudent avoidance of EMF’s is compulsory.