Best Ways to Prevent EMF Radiation Exposure in Children!

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Both adults and children are subjected to a level of radiation. Radiation comes from numerous natural sources as well, such as the sun and the soil. With modern-day living, the sources of radiation have increased. At the same time, solutions did as well. Today, there is an array of EMF kids-safe protection devices to choose from. With that, came the hope that this problem might one day come to a close. Many experts have voted in favor of wearing EMF protection devices, but many still don’t understand the concept fully.

EMF Sources and Types

The biggest level of radiation comes from EMF devices. Such are cell phones, routers, microwave ovens, and laptops. While adults are, too, suffering from EMF exposure, children are the most exposed. Everyday contact with electronic devices can cause life-threatening consequences in children. As kids are still growing and developing, EMF radiation can impact these aspects, and not in a good way.

Radiation, on the other hand, takes two forms. These are known as non-ionizing and ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing radiation stems from radio waves, microwaves (cell phones, routers, tablets, and remaining wireless smart devices), infrared, visible and UV. Protecting your child from these exposures and harmful devices is a must. Therefore, using EMF kids-safe protection devices at all times is essential. Some of the best EMF-safe kids’ devices include any of the wearable EMF protection devices which QuanThor offers. All their products are child-friendly, easy to wear anywhere, and relatively affordable for their benefits.

Back to radiation. Let’s talk about ionizing radiation. This radiation stems from more severe sources, like x-rays and gamma rays. As you know, this type of radiation is highly hazardous to our health. Yes, even in slightest exposure to these rays can cause irreversible consequences to your health. See, another major reason to start using EMF kids-safe protection devices, such as QuanThor’s necklaces or bracelets.

Protection above Anything

Today’s accelerated world of technology causes plenty of damage, in terms of EMF radiation exposure. A century ago, technology was minimal or almost non-existent. Therefore, it is understandable how EMF has slowly become one of the biggest health threats. EMF radiation exists basically everywhere. From our homes and offices to schools and cafes – radiation knows no limits. As a result, it is highly relevant that we accordingly protect ourselves, as well as our children.

Among the greatest EMF sources of radiation is Wi-Fi, and related products, such as routers. Wi-Fi connections enable heavy subjection to radiation, one of the worst kinds, too. As kids spend plenty of time using Wi-Fi, they are likely to feel its side-effects, unless you protect them. QuanThor provides a wholesome selection of EMF kids-safe protection devices, such as practical pendants or wristbands. These help block radiation from affecting the body and brain your kids and yourselves.

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A Note on EMF Dangers

Please understand that children are very sensitive to EMF radiation. Although it might not always have an instant effect, its symptoms can reflect later in life. This is very much true about cancer occurrence and Alzheimer’s disease. Also, EMF exposure in children can cause other serious problems. These include skin, muscle, and bones problems. Prevent these diseases

EMF Kids-Safe Protection Devices: Final Thoughts

We cannot emphasize enough just how much your children need to start using EMF kids-safe protection devices. However, even despite those, there are still some other improvements you can make at home. Limiting the access to Wi-Fi and wearing your protective accessory can significantly reduce the radiation level at home. Don’t let your kids get too close to any electronic device they’re using.

Teach your children to write and create, instead of research and google. Invest in your health and the health of your family. Do your research. Finally, trust QuanThor’s EMF shielding products to provide you with all benefits that leave you free of radiation exposure.

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