How to Protect Children from Harmful EMF

The electromagnetic field (EMFs) is a kind of radiation that comes from technology. The more exposed someone is in it, the more likely he will be susceptible to health risks. It is also the case with children. In fact, children are more prone to getting health risks as their thinner bones and skulls make them absorb more amount of radiation. Hence, you might want to start thinking about EMF home protection.

What are the symptoms of too much exposure from EMF?

Some effects of EMF are as follows:

  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Lack of concentration
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Skin burning

Where can people get EMF?

In general, EMF stems from a number of technological advances such as:

  • Computers
  • Wi-Fi routers
  • Cell phones
  • Microwave ovens
  • Bluetooth devices

How to Protect Babies and Establish EMF Home Protection:

If you have a baby at home, there are methods you can follow to protect baby from EMF radiation. They are the following:

1. Keep Gadgets as Far as Possible.

One important thing to remember about EMF is that the closer you are, the more radiation you will absorb. By always being near gadgets, you’re actually exposing yourself to health risks. Simply holding your phone for longer than necessary increases the risks to you and your baby’s health.

If possible, keep them away from you and the kids as far as possible. Place them in enclosed areas like cabinets if there isn’t anything that requires immediate attention on the gadgets.

2. Limit Children’s Screen Time.

This warning/advice is probably one of the most common you will see nowadays. While it’s quite unlikely to completely keep children from using gadgets, it’s still highly recommended to limit their screen time.

Over the years, studies have been showing negative effects of gadgets on children. Among these bad effects are changes in behavior, changes in performance, and health risks.

3. Turn off Gadgets When Sleeping.

Studies show that people are more vulnerable to radiation when sleeping, which is why you need a suitable EMF home protection. Therefore, you want to turn off gadgets at night or whenever the kids are taking a nap. Of course, it’s already been established that these gadgets should always be kept at a distance, but to really minimize the risks, turn off the ones you can as well.

4. Unplug Gadgets and Electronic Appliances.

Even when you’re not using the gadgets, they still emit EMF. Make sure that when they’re not in use, they’re also unplugged. Always check if the television is unplugged. Chargers are also often left plugged even when not in use. It’s also advisable to turn off your Wi-Fi, especially if you’re going out.

Your home is where kids stay for most of the day, so you have to make sure that you use proper EMF home protection.

4. Use LAN.

Now, the internet is very much needed that despite it containing some health risks, people find it extremely challenging to completely stop using it. However, there are ways to reduce risks.

For example, instead of using Wi-Fi, you can use LAN instead. They both contain radiation, but Wi-Fi just has more. Hence, if your child needs to use a gadget for any reason, make them use one that can connect to LAN instead of Wi-Fi.

5. Don’t Put Gadgets in Baby Carriers.

When going out, it might be tempting to put your gadgets in the pockets of your baby carrier as it gives you more and easier access to it. No matter how convenient it may seem when you’re taking a stroll with your baby, don’t do it.

The number one rule is to keep them away from EMF as much as possible, and putting gadgets in the pockets of the baby carrier breaks that rule.

6. Use Radiation Protection Accessories.

Luckily, along with the invention of many technological advances such as smartphones come the accessories. It is not unknown to people how these gadgets can affect one’s health, and so radiation protection accessories are made.

Buy the best ones, preferably the ones with EMF protection for baby, for your baby’s gadgets and yours to minimize the health risks coming from the radiation of these gadgets.

7.  Use the Speaker.

It might be quite inconvenient and uncomfortable to use your phone’s speakers when on call, but you should take any measure, however small it is, to keep your child from getting radiation. When a family member or a friend wants to have a quick chat with your child, do not put the phone directly on his ear. Put it on speaker mode instead to still keep some distance between the gadget and your child.

8. Don’t Use Laptops on the Bed.

Some parents who have home-based jobs try to squeeze in as much work as they can, and though that’s very understandable, it’s still recommended to refrain from doing any work that requires the use of laptops when you’re on the bed with your child.

9. Don’t Put Gadgets in the Bedroom.

When your child is done using his gadgets, aside from turning it off and keeping some unplugged, you should also keep them out of your kid’s bedroom. Being in the same room, despite some distance, still poses health risks.


With all the developments in today’s world, it’s quite impossible to completely keep your child away from EMF. However, that is not to say that you can’t minimize the risks. Encourage them to have other activities that don’t involve anything with radiation.

The busier they are with other activities like playing toys and reading, the less likely they’ll want to pick up their gadget.

Learn more about EMF shielding devices.

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