Simple Tips to Protect Us from EMF

emf health protection

EMF is the abbreviation for Electromagnetic Fields. There are electric and magnetic fields that occur naturally; the sun, the earth, and even our bodies have their own EMFs. But, wherever there is EMF, there is a need for EMF health protection, too.

Relating to this article, note that EMFs do not refer to the natural electric and magnetic fields. It applies to the electric and magnetic fields that are basically artificial electricity.

We are constantly exposed to different EMFs at all times. The fields come from things such as cell phones, power lines, fitness trackers, microwaves, wireless routers, and many other objects we come across every day.

Why Protect Yourself from EMF?

Electromagnetic field exposure has been linked to several acute conditions and chronic illnesses. Electrical sensitivities are an emerging public health concern, yet doctors have little or no knowledge on how to go about it. Therefore, it is essential to take measures to protect yourself from EMF.

Simple Tips to Protect Yourself from EMF
  1. Be careful when you are around the office or computer.
  • When possible, do not directly work on your laptop. You can use external hardware such as a mouse or a keyboard to reduce your exposure. Avoid placing the laptop on your lap, particularly when working. Most laptops emit a strong EMF when plugged in since the battery is charging near you.
  • Opt for LCDs when replacing or updating your TV screen or Computer monitor. LCDs emit less radiation compared to the CRT monitors.
  • Remove any transformers or electrical power cords around your desk, and shift them away from your seating area. When the power cords and transformers are around your feet while working, you will be more exposed to EMF.
  1. Limit your use of cell phones.
  • There was a heated debate about cellphone radiation some months ago. Studies reveal that there are potential health risks associated with using a cellphone. Therefore, consider using an emf protection cellphone, or learn to turn your mobile device off when not in use. An emf health protection cellphone case is a case that shields you from EMF and RFID emitted by cellphones.
  1. Don’t get too dependent on wireless technology.
  • Avoid installing a wireless network at home. The German government in October 2007 advised its citizens to avoid using a wireless network in their homes due to the health risks posed by Wi-Fi. Wireless routers release electromagnetic radiation even when not in use.
  • When buying a cordless phone, avoid one which uses DECT technology. The German government banned DECT wireless technology in 2005. This is because the base station of the phone constantly transmits strong radio frequency signals even if the phone is idle. If you are already in possession of such a phone, try and switch it off as much as you can.
  • Spend less time on your phone. Also, limit the duration which young ones use your phone. The effect of using cell phones is a worldwide debate as potential health risks associated with using phones arise.

Also, remember cordless phones depend on electromagnetic radiation for communication, similar to cellphones. Radiation exposure remains cumulative irrespective of the source.

  1. Be extra careful when handling electrical devices or doing electrical wiring.
  • Unplug any electrical devices or power cords which are not in use. Any operative electrical device with an outlet will emit electric fields.

Nonetheless, if the device is unplugged, it will not emit a magnetic or electric field. Since EMF can slow the function of melatonin, the chemical produced by the body to ensure proper sleep, it is essential to clear power cords and electrical devices near the bed.

  1. Stay cautious when dealing with lighting.
  • Do not install low-voltage bulbs, energy-efficient fluorescent lights, and fluorescent tubes. While they are energy-saving technologies, they can emit nasty EMFs from the transformer or their ballast.

Moreover, they can create high-frequency radiation from the wiring in your home. Opt for any LCD lighting that is within your budget.

  • If you have dimmer switches around your house, consider replacing them with an on-or-off switch. Even when you turn on the light to full power, the dimmer will draw some electrical current and emit it, creating a strong electromagnetic field.
  1. Add protective clothing and accessories.
  • There are certain things you can add to your closet, such as an emf health protection bracelet, to protect you from electromagnetic fields and improve your well-being. With an emf health protection bracelet, you remain protected, everywhere you go.
  • Additionally, you can buy any emf health protection clothing to shield your body from any electromagnetic fields.
  1. Try Reiki for EMF health protection.

Reiki is a healing technique where the therapist focuses on channeling positive energy to his or her patient through touch. Reiki for emf health protection has proven to work, with beneficiaries sharing their experiences.