EMF Health Threats at Home: Why Staying Safe Matters?

A lot of people are aware of common household pollutants such as polluted air, second-hand smoke, and even radiation seeping through radioactive rocks. However, very few people are aware of the effects of having a high electromagnetic field (EMF) presence in their very homes. EMF health dangers are barely discussed among people; even health-conscious ones.

Considered a hidden toxin, EMF is like the drug of our generation – wireless technology has made life very convenient. According to experts, environmental exposure to artificial EMF is constantly increasing.

However, there are EMF health dangers lurking around. All of these wireless tech releases EMF, and while their manufacturers claim that is of low-level, chronic exposure to such radiation might damage some human body parts. The long-time span involved is one reason why there is a lack of adequate studies involving EMF health dangers to the human body. 

EMF Health Dangers: What We Don’t Know.

Electromagnetic fields, EMFs, or electric and magnetic fields, is something invisible. It is a field produced by electrically charged objects such as power lines. In homes, the most common-emitter are electronic devices, especially those that use wireless technology.

For example, the usual electrical alarm clock may generate an EMF field of about 5-10 mG (milligauss). Cellular phones are a common item that people generally own. Some people even place them near their heads while sleeping. It cannot be avoided in many situations as it is everywhere.

Some research assumes a link between EMFs and health problems, commonly with the following symptoms:

  • dizziness
  • headaches
  • sleep problems
  • nausea
  • infertility
  • fatigue

Due to various reasons, there has been little or no research when it comes to the effects of varying EMF levels and EMF toxicity in general.

How to Limit EMF Exposure at Home?

Knowing some of the bad effects of too much exposure to EMF, the home is one controllable environment for many. Here are some steps to shield against EMF toxicity in the comfort and control of our homes:

While daytime EMF exposure cannot be limited due to our everyday work involving electronic devices, a low EMF exposure is a must at night as this is when our body is doing a lot of healing and regenerative work. For this reason, one’s bedroom should be the place where EMF exposure must be controlled and limited.

Here are five specific ways to have adequate EMF protection at home:

1. Turn off cellphones or use airplane mode.

Cellphones are now universal. Almost everyone owns and uses one. As these usually work 24/7, they emit a lot of EMF. For those who wish to have easy access to their phone (i.e. in case of emergency) while sleeping, using the airplane or flight mode is a way to reduce the EMF emitted by these devices without turning them off.

Placing these devices in airplane mode stops the transmission of cellular signals, Bluetooth signals, and WiFi signals. If possible, keep cellular phones away from young children as well. EMF protection at home must also be aimed at protecting children as they are more vulnerable from the effects of EMF on the body.

2. Turn off WiFi.

Turning off the WiFi router at night especially when nobody is expected to browse the internet is one way to reduce EMF toxicity in the bedroom. Like most wireless devices, WiFi routers produce EMF fields.

3. Switch of the Bedroom Breaker.

If one’s home has a separate circuit breaker inside the bedroom, switching it off is a sure-fire way to ensure that no electrical devices (e.g. WiFi router) and appliances (e.g. television) run while one is sleeping. This drastically reduces one’s exposure to EMFs.

Unfortunately, this is not usually a doable task as some devices run while sleeping (e.g. air conditioning units). If this is the case, simply turning off all unnecessary electronic devices in the bedroom prior to sleeping can reduce EMF health dangers.

3.  Reduce Microwave Use.

While microwave radiation heats up our food, it is sometimes inevitable that some radiation escapes during the cooking process. To cut down EMF exposure while cooking, reduce the use of microwave ovens. If it is really necessary to use the microwave, don’t stand in front or nearby the microwave oven while it is operating.

4. Rearrange One’s Bedroom.

If some wireless devices cannot be turned off while sleeping, it is best to relocate them as far as possible from one’s bed.

5. Use a Corded Landline.

While landline use is declining in many homes, it is still a necessity in many situations. The rise of cordless landline phones may offer convenience, but it adds to EMF exposure in the home.

The preceding tips may not always apply to one’s setting, but these tips, while general, can help offer adequate EMF protection at home.

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