Earthing & EMF: How Grounding Prevents Radiation Exposure?

EMF grounding devices

Earthing therapy has become quite a big thing ever since Clint Ober heavily promoted the movement. Of course, a lot of people, even celebrities, felt grounding benefits after practicing it for quite some time. Another very interesting tidbit about earthing is that it can even help lessen the amount of EMF in your body. However, there are even more effective tools which can offer extra protective benefits. These are known as EMF grounding devices. But, why is EMF exposure dangerous? 

EMF shares radiation from power lines and appliances, like cell phones or computers. According to several studies reviewed by the National Cancer Institute, EMF was found to be linked to several cases of childhood leukemia and increasing cancer risks.

While there are still no fully conclusive studies on the true harms of EMF to the body, studies like these show that there is something in EMF that can definitely point to a health hazard. That’s pretty much why you feel tired after long hours of facing your computer.

Because EMF is pretty much everywhere you go, experts suggest grounding as a mean to counter the negative effects of EMF. Fighting positive ions from EMF is known as one of the main grounding benefits you can get.

The Connection Between Earthing and EMF

So, after reading all of that, you may be asking yourself what’s the connection between EMF and grounding. How can walking barefoot on the earth prevent you from feeling the effects of radiation?

Well, to answer that question, you first need to know what EMF is and what’s in it. First off, it is positive ions that create EMF. Now, just because they’re made of positive ions doesn’t make it good. In fact, positive ions are actually harmful to our health. That said, you’ll want negative ions to flood your body so that you’ll feel less stressed and healthier in general.  

So, how exactly can earthing help you get all negative ions that your body needs? Well, one can find negative ions in nature. They’re found in the air, water, and even from sunlight. One of the biggest deposits of negative ions is, of course, the ground itself. Hence, if you walk barefoot on the ground, you are actually absorbing all the negative ions that the ground possesses into your body. In such a way, you can replace lost negative ions, due to EMF exposure. 

Now, most people would be a bit hesitant to do this because they don’t want to get their feet all dirty. Which is why they’d probably ask if they can just wear shoes. After all, the sole isn’t that thick so it would still be possible for the positive ions to go to the foot, right?

If you didn’t wear rubber shoes or slippers, then this might be possible. However, most footwear has rubber soles. Since rubber deflects electricity, your footwear actually blocks off the negatively charged energy from going to your body. That’s why a lot of celebrities walk barefoot on the grass for a few minutes regularly.

EMF Grounding Devices

If you really don’t like walking on the ground or just don’t have the time to, then another alternative would be to buy EMF grounding devices.  EMF grounding devices pretty much have the same capabilities as grounding therapy but with the difference that you can bring it anywhere with you. Also, you can easily buy EMF grounding devices or negative ionizers online. Some EMF grounding devices include EMF protection pendants or bracelets, Himalayan salt lamps, and diffusers. All of these things provide you with an ample amount of negative ions.

Aside from making you healthier and more energetic, EMF grounding devices clean the air around you. They keep away germs, molds, mildew, various allergens, and even pollution. What they do is that they emit a certain shield of negative ions that can protect you and your house from unwanted substances. The “shield” would then neutralize the effects of positive ions that come from EMF radiation. That way, you won’t feel the effects that much.


As technology is evolving, so do protective devices, such as EMF grounding devices. No doubt we do need all of these things because that’s how we can perform ideally at work, or entertain ourselves. However, there is a steep price to pay for using all of this technology— health hazards from EMF. In order not to pay that price, we have to make sure we know how to shield ourselves from the harmful effects of EMF.

The only way to do that is to use negative ions to neutralize the effects of harmful radiation. Of course, nothing works better than going to the main source of negative ions— nature itself. By putting your body on the ground itself, you’ll be directly absorbing negative ions. You may also use grounding devices to provide you with negative ions. In any case, grounding therapy is one of the best ways to combat EMF.

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