Does Reiki Really Help Prevent EMF Exposure?

emf exposure symptoms

Can you believe it when someone tells you there is such a thing as an electromagnetic field? Not only the planets and the sun but also the human body can produce an electromagnetic field. The human body is capable of generating its own electromagnetic field but only in low intensity. And as EMF exposure symptoms occur, we are faced against numerous health conditions.

Technological breakthroughs paved the way of the widespread exposure to the unparalleled intensity of EMF radiation. However, there are many opinions on the safety and effects of electromagnetic fields.

Electromagnetic Field Explained 

Also known as EMF, electromagnetic fields are the phenomena trigger the movement of electric charges. Following this movement is the creation of a magnetic field. This combined contact or interaction now generates an electromagnetic field.

Common Sources of EMF 

The World Health Organization has listed some sources of an electromagnetic field. Most common natural sources are thunderstorms and the existing environment. There are also man-made sources cause EMF exposure. Such are X-rays, electricity, televisions, computers, mobile phones, radios, and others.

How Does EMF Occur?
  1. According to Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell, EMF has four major interactions that encourage electric current.
  2. Atoms absorb energy both in the form of electromagnetic field or heat.
  3. EMF is also formed during nuclear reactions.
Different Types of EMFs

As per the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Electromagnetic fields fall into two categories.

  1. Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Field or EMF Radiation

This type of EMF has low frequency, even lower than that of the visible light. Because of this, it also takes the name non-ionizing radiation. Examples of this type are mobile phones, Bluetooth, computers, Wi-Fi, and more.

  1. High-Frequency Electromagnetic Field or EMF Radiation

From the name itself, it denotes frequencies higher than the visible light. The most common examples are X-rays and ultraviolet light. This type is also referred to as ionizing radiation.

How Safe are EMFs?

It is a common knowledge nowadays that excessive contact to EMFs is no longer safe. In time, the exposure to EMF will likely show respective effects. However, there are ways to reduce these negative effects, with Reiki for EMF protection being among the most successful.

Negative Effects of Too Much Exposure to EMFs

The earth and the sun are two natural sources of EMF. While the earth emits its own magnetic force, the sun, on the other hand, generates both visible and ultraviolet light. A UV light is a well-known EMF that is not healthy for humans.

As mentioned earlier, the human body has its own EMF but only in low intensity. When exposed to man-made electromagnetic radiation, there will be an evident high-frequency EMF of the outside source. This will in return upset the natural biology of the body. This might lead to various problems and health issues.

How to Measure EMF Exposure’s Danger

As technology continues to advance, humans are more prone to EMF radiation exposure. There are factors to consider in knowing how much EMF exposure is still safe.

  • High-frequency electromagnetic field is more likely to be harmful
  • Power density
  • Electric and magnetic field present
  • Amount of time exposed to EMFs
EMF Exposure Symptoms

A study conducted to list the possible health concerns with regard to EMF exposure symptoms has found out the following:

  • Sleep disorders and insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Nervousness or distress
  • Fatigue
  • Concentration difficulties
  • Depression
  • Memory changes
  • Dizziness and nausea
  • Hormonal imbalance

No further concrete diagnosis as to what these EMF exposure symptoms can lead to has been identified. The ill-effects of these EMF exposure symptoms are still being studied.

What are Some Tips to Do to Minimize EMF Exposure?

There is no alternative way to eliminate EMF exposure. However, there are tips and steps on how to minimize manmade EMF exposure.

How to Avoid EMF Exposure Symptoms with Reiki
  1. Start EMF radiation protection at home. One cannot avoid the use of electrical appliances at home. It has always been an important part of living. There are various ways to lessen it though such as:
  • Turning off appliances and devices when not in use
  • Only turning on Wi-Fi connection when necessary
  • Putting electronic devices a few meters away from the body
  • Double checking electrical wirings if they are in good condition
  • Trying Reiki for EMF protection, a form of energy therapy
  • As much as possible, avoid residing near major sources of high-frequency EMF radiation.
  • Eat healthily, meditate, and exercise.

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