How EMF Exposure Affects the Health?

With the explosion of online platforms nowadays, it is tricky to detect real information from manufactured ones. One of the highly disputed topics is the impact of radio waves, especially on mobile devices, on the human body. When it comes to how EMF exposure affects the health, there is a mixture of truth and exaggerated information. To avoid confusion and learn more about it, read on as we discuss all aspects of EMF exposure. 

What Is EMF?

To understand what these radio waves are, we must first tackle their definition. Radio waves are part of the classification of EM waves or electromagnetic waves. These electromagnetic waves occur naturally in which electricity is able to create a magnetic field and/or vice versa.

They could already exist as part of a natural phenomenon. There is no deeper explanation to that, for now, but there are tons of evidence that electricity and magnetism are related. Due to this discovery, we now have wireless transmission which represents information and relays it through the principles of magnetism simultaneously. Today, this is also referred to as EMF. 

Radiation and The Way EMF Exposure Affects the Health

All communication devices can emit EMF, mostly through mimic the principles of magnetism such as the antenna. For instance, frequency represents the measure of the activity of electrons (because, electricity) per second.

The higher the frequency, the higher the circulating energy, whose source can either be electricity, magnetism, or both. This means the energy can flow through anything on its path. This transfer of energy is called “radiation” wherein the process doesn’t rely on physical conductors or fluid currents.

One common example of this transfer is how the Sun’s energy reaches the Earth. The term radiation has always been viewed as negative, especially at the dawn of usage of the nuclear process. Such spread of energy can be unavoidable and invisible, and therefore, the communication devices we casually use can appear as silent threats. 

How EMF Exposure Affects the Health, According To Studies?

There are numerous studies being conducted on how EMF exposure affects the health of humans. It is impossible to test the limits of human cells against EMF since that will be unethical, so most scientists conduct experiments on animals that can slowly mimic our thinking patterns. On that note, if non-living things don’t stand a chance, neither do living things. 

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On Reproduction

There are countless studies that indicate that EMF affects reproduction. One of them regards using wifi-connected laptops which degrade human sperm cells. Although not part of the scenario, the experiment mimicked a similar situation, by exposing donors’ semen samples to a laptop’s EMF emission.

The factors being measured were the sperm’s viability, motility, and DNA fragmentation. According to the results, after 4 hours of exposure, the sperm’s motility has a significant decrease and the DNA fragmentation increased. This means that a laptop connected to Wi-Fi situated on a male’s lap or nearer can expose the testes to the EMF. 

On Reaction

Another example of how EMF exposure affects the health looks into our nerve cells. One particular research showed how GSM mobile phones can cause nerve damages to mammal brains.

In the experiment conducted, scientists used rats to determine their findings. After 2 hours of exposure, there was clear evidence of neuronal damage in the rats’ hippocampus, basal ganglia, and cortex. As you know, damage to the nerves can lead to a decreased reaction of the body’s movement and senses. 

Cancer Risks

Perhaps the most controversial topic regarding EMF exposure is the risk of causing cancer. Based on all that happened, from accidents to acts of violence and even to hazardous working conditions, exposure to radiation can cause cancer. Therefore, EMF exposure might also cause cancer, but the question is, on what circumstance?

Related research observed the effects on health from the operations of mobile phone “base stations”. In this research, 10 various studies were being scrutinized for epidemiological evidence, 8 of which presented significant results of increased cancer risk on populations residing less than 500 meters radius from the base station. 


The dangers of radiation are only proportional to the amount of energy carried or delivered over time. Perhaps it is true that no living organism is immune to EMF exposure. But, the amount of damage a cell can take is dependent on many factors.


Health effects from EMF exposure are certainly devastating, yet the causes are often negligible. Due to the omnipresent technology we have, we tend not to question its certification and purpose.

These communication devices are not weapons, so they guarantee safety when using them. However, it will be better if we exercise caution, especially on the duration of use and the nearness of exposure.

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IS RADIATION From Your Cell Phone Making You Sick? Our health and lives are at stake, and that isn’t overstating the case.