Master These Habits to Protect Yourself from EMF

EMF detoxification

Over the past decade, our community has become technology dependent, constantly using our mobile phones for social media, apps, games, and browsing on the internet. Even though it has its own benefits, there have been inescapable disadvantages that we should also consider. Today, we’re at the point of becoming too dependent on technology that many are looking for ways to minimize these disadvantages. What is more, we might even need to find a way to perform a whole body EMF detoxification.

With the advancement of technology comes the invention of high-tech devices such as cellular phones, Wi-Fi, TV, etc. These devices emit a substance called electromagnetic fields (EMFs). EMFs are naturally occurring in the environment or even within our own bodies – these EMFs are harmless to us. But, man-made EMFs like voltages and electric currents not only cause pollution but harm to our bodies too.

EMFs affects and damages our body’s healthy cells. Scientific studies have presented a lot of cases of catastrophic effects that include DNA and cell membrane damage and a loss of vital calcium ions. All of these damages have serious consequences on our well-being. “Electrical Sensitivity” is a term given to these kinds of symptoms. Because of its harmful effects, EMF detoxification must be practiced. Otherwise, EMF exposure can lead to diseases like diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, or even cancer.

Luckily, there are a lot of ways to succeed in EMF detoxification. Below are six EMF detoxification tips you should master to protect yourself from radiation:

  1. Yoga

In the current years, there have been a number of people who turned to yoga to generate or sustain a sense of comfort in each of their lives. It’s a fact that yoga is very helpful in harmonizing out the undesirable results of regular technology use and even contact with harmful EMF radiation released by cell phones.

People can essentially produce harmonious stability between their digital and physical experience. Ancient methods such as meditation and yoga for EMF detoxification help to neutralize the possible negative effects caused by EMFs. There are a number of bodily and mental benefits of yoga – below are just some.

  • Improves focus
  • Improves circulation
  • Increases energy levels
  • Relaxes muscle tension
  • Relieves anxiety, depression, and stress

People who use yoga for EMF protection do not only avoid exposure to harmful EMFs but also earn a lot of other health benefits in the long run.

  1. Purchase a phone case that provides EMF detoxification and protection

Phones are becoming an essential device for almost all of us. Phones help us keep connected with the important people of our lives. But, little did we know that when you answer a call from someone, you are receiving more than half of the radiation that your phone emits.

A common question that pops up to the mind of most people is “how can I protect myself from cell phone radiation?” Many inventions have been made to counteract EMF pollution. A simple and easy way to protect yourself from EMF radiating from cellular phones is by purchasing an EMF reducing phone case. It may not sound much, but scientists have proven the effectivity of these cases.

  1. Have physical contact with the Ground.

You may have caught the word “Earthing.Earthing is a simple way of emf detoxification. All you need to do is to place your naked feet on the ground and permit the earth to absorb all the negatively-charged elections within your body. Getting grounded is a cheap way of getting rid of unwanted EMFs.

  1. Use Healing Crystals.

Like earthing, using of healing crystals is also a way of EMF detoxification. These crystals are readily available since most are readily available online.

  1. Produce a truncated EMF Refuge area

Almost all houses possess wireless Internet. In order to reduce EMFs, you must also reduce the usage of these devices. For instance, if you’re not using your Wi-Fi, you should just switch it off until the time that you have to use it again.

  1. Take away your Smart Meters.

Smart meters don’t conserve energy and are continually releasing unstable, great concentrations of harmful pulses. These pulses cover up to 2 miles. Studies also suggested that many communities using wireless smart meters complain of never before seen symptoms. Symptoms comprise but not limited to a headache, insomnia, fatigue, weakened immune function, etc.

  1. Devote Extra Time with People and Environment.

Taking into consideration the ample amount of negative effects caused by EMFs, you always have the chance of minimizing your exposure to these harmful substances. You can wholly disengage from technology. For example, you must turn off your TVs, Wi-Fi, and your phones at a permanent time every day. Moreover, you should spend time bonding with your family. You can also plan a day of the week to get attached to the earth, do yoga, or even just read a book.

You may initially think that EMF detoxification is extremely hard since EMFs are practically everywhere in this busy and progressing world. But, by mastering the habits mentioned above, you are sure to minimize your exposure to harmful EMFs. If you can’t practice these habits, you can try making a DIY EMF protection device.

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