How EMF depletes Melatonin

Nowadays depression, anxiety, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and panic attacks are so common. We see many young kids and adults complaining about being sad and feeling panicked at certain occasions.

Many of them have social anxiety and so many other behavioural conditions. Isn’t it alarming that day by day we see the cases of how EMF depletes Melatonin in growing children and do nothing except hand over a dose to them? It is now important that we realize that these conditions need to be treated from the root.

We are well aware of how EMF depletes Melatonin. If we can cure the disease of the inside, for example: by taking care of our hormone production then we can overcome what we feel. Melatonin is a hormone that is produced by our pituitary gland that controls and regulates our sleep cycle and it also converts into its precursor serotonin that keeps our mood calm and balanced.

Lower levels of melatonin can bring about certain changes in your body, for instance, disturbed sleeping patterns that will lead to insomnia, low immunity, anxiety, over-eating and depression. Melatonin also helps protect our bodies from cancer and heart diseases. EMF ‘s are known to be one of the factors that deplete melatonin.

How EMF depletes Melatonin

EMF depletes Melatonin –  Harmful effects

We are surrounded by EMF 24/7 and we don’t see them so we think we are okay, but the ugly truth is that these invisible rays are far more dangerous for our bodies than we think so. Electromagnetic frequencies are found in cell phones, television, microwaves, cars and many more and this how EMF depletes Melatonin.

These rays signal our pineal gland and the neurons in our brain to transmit and receive information on the phones, basically, we are being used as a route that the information travels through! Isn’t that crazy! We are used by these tech companies for using their products. So it’s important that we realize the harm emf can cause to our bodies and use them as less as we can.

EMF depletes Melatonin in children

Also, another cool fact is that blue light will cause your melatonin to suppress, as you know phone screens and tv emits blue light that can alter the production of melatonin in your body and therefore, change your sleep cycle or even cause insomnia.

The blue-light tricks your brain into thinking it’s daytime while it’s nighttime, so it’s best that you keep your phones 5 feet away and do not use them before you go to bed. This has also been tested and proven by many scientists.

We already know how too much exposure can cause us many diseases, but depletion of melatonin is alarming as it can disrupt our entire body functions because the pituitary gland controls the production of all the other hormones as well.

So I advise you to stay away from such devices, try to unwind from your work and take a walk in the park leaving your phones behind. Do not use your phone before you sleep and do not keep them under your pillows. Allow yourself some free time from these gadgets and focus on your well-being.

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