4 Reasons Why Your Kids Need EMF Protection Devices Now!

EMF Childproof protection Devices

At the moment, there is nothing more threatening to our health than EMF radiation exposure. What is worse, adults are not the only ones suffering from heavy EMF exposure. Kids are, as well. This has urged the world and experts to invent EMF childproof protection devices. And, boy, are we grateful for those!

EMF protection devices prevent radiation from harming your or your child’s health. What is better, these devices are very practical to wear. This absolutely makes them a must in your household.

But, why do your kids need EMF protection devices in the first place? Let’s find out.

4 Main Reasons to use EMF childproof protection devices
  1. EMF Protection Devices Prevent Cancer

As much as we hate saying it, the title is pretty self-explanatory. EMF radiation causes a tremendous and negative impact on your health. This is particularly true for the health of your kids. In addition, EMF radiation exposure may easily cause leukemia in kids, making it super lethal to juniors.

Take cell phones, for instance. Cell phones are one of the leading reasons for brain cancer. Not just that, but many studies back this claim. So, basically, the more you use it, the more vulnerable your brain is to cancer.

Also, it is wise to know that the World Health Organization labeled cell phone radiation life-threatening. But, to us, cell phone addiction seems impossible. What is even worse, we now allow our children to use them as they will, thus putting their health at risk. How unfair, right? For this, EMF protection devices can eliminate radiation surrounding your kid with ease.

They’re an essential, really!

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  1. EMF Protection Devices Ameliorate Brain Function

Many studies have supported the claim of EMF negatively impacting the brain. As per one of those studies, extensive cell phone radiation exposure will likely lead to improper brain performance. Dr. Nora D. Volkow, an expert in the field, explained that the brain is incapable of managing the metabolism. The reason or this? Well, severe subjection to EMF, of course!

A similar study ion the topic, did experiments on participants, by attaching a phone to their heads. The phones were on and off during this time. What they managed to find is very threatening to your child’s health. As per the research, brain glucose levels in all subjects were elevated. The terrifying thing about it though, is that this can easily inflame the brain, and cause an additional issue. Therefore, be smart about how protected your kids are around radiation. EMF protection devices, such as pendant or necklaces, can look good on your child, and do him or her good, too!

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  1. EMF Childproof Protection Devices Prevent Dementia

There are many studies in favor of this statement. One of those studies examined the possible side-effects from cell phone radiation exposure. Once done, the study confirmed that overusing cellphones can lead to early signs of dementia. Aside from this, cell phone radiation can cause DNA changes, lead to cancer and interchange relevant neurons in the brain. With that, memory loss is inevitable. While for adults this may seem petrifying, for children it is even worse. For that reason, EMF devices can protect your children in a safe and health-boosting manner.

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  1. EMF Protection Devices Prevent Antioxidant Deficiency

One of the best benefits of EMF childproof protection devices is that they keep your body packed with antioxidant. And, not just that. These devices keep radiation exposure to a bare minimum, thus preventing loss of antioxidants, which keep the body operative. Excessive Cell phone use can seriously decrease the levels of antioxidants in your saliva, studies explain. Without antioxidants, we wouldn’t be able to protect our immune systems. Imagine this happening in children, whose immunities aren’t even fully developed yet!

Be smart about your choices and don’t hesitate to try out any of the listed EMF childproof protection devices. In terms of quality, always go for QuanThor products, and give your child a safe environment to grow up in!

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