EMF Protection for Cellphone: Reasons Why Your Kid Need It!

EMF Cellphone Protection

The world is experiencing a total technology upgrade, and it comes with the potential damages that affect the human health, especially to the kids. One of the possible threats is the harmful effects of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation. Studies show that EMF has been correlated with a variety of illness and adverse conditions. Fortunately, there are EMF cellphone protection tips which can help kids grow up healthier and radiation-free.

Dr. Anthony B. Miller, professor, cancer researcher and long-time advisor to WHO, mentioned that proofs and pieces of evidence that wireless technology’s carcinogen is increasing and needs immediate attention.

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EMF cellphone protection and levels of exposure

Today, the world has gone wireless e.g. smart TVs, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and Wi-Fi routers. What if everything at home depends on a wireless network? Surely, it would make life easier; however, it comes at a great price to pay— our health. With children, they join the world of the wireless network. Kids depend on smartphones, whether it is for their homework or for entertainment. Let’s take a look at the two categories of electromagnetic radiation:

  • Ionizing radiation. (e.g. X-rays, radon, and cosmic rays)

It is high frequency, and therefore high energy. We can’t avoid this type of radiation, but we can minimize the exposure. For that, we have to wear a lead vest during an X-ray check-up. At the same time, using sunscreen in direct sunshine is extremely relevant to the health. Exposure to ionizing radiation can trigger cancer formation. While one can’t avoid the natural and manmade sources of ionizing radiation totally, they can be reduced.

  • Non-ionizing radiation. (e.g. radiofrequency, extremely low frequency or power frequency)

It is low frequency, and therefore low energy. The radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation frequency ranges from 30 kilohertz to 300 gigahertz. They are used for telecommunications, include cell phones.

The human body takes in energy from devices that release radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation. Although studies explain that there is no current scientific evidence that non-ionizing radiation can increase the risk of cancer, research shows that heating is recognized as a consistent biological effect. Radiofrequency contact from smartphones use, causes heating in the body, depending on which body part you expose the most at a given time. 

Reasons Why You Need to Buy an EMF Cellphone Protection

Do children have a higher risk than adults? Depends on the amount of exposure, effects on children and adults are similar. Considering that kids accumulate more years of cell phone exposure, protection is more than important.

Here are the reasons why you need to buy an EMF cellphone protection:

  • Negative Ion Generator.

These ions provide a variety of health benefits. When you absorb and inhale negative ions, they travel all the way to your bloodstream. This causes the body to produce more serotonin and improve blood flow. This biochemical reaction in the body can help lighten depression, alleviate stress, and improve mood.

  • Made of Semi-precious Stones.

Many semi-precious stones go hand in hand with EMF devices. These include jade, gold, zinc, silver, and other elements that provide a powerful EMF cellphone protection field. Whenever your child’s phone is connected to a wireless network, rest assured that he is safe because of this EMF protection for WiFi. First off, the stones need to be measured and balanced. For this, many experts use the Fibonacci sequence technology, which supports the optimal health.

  • Generates Schumann Wave Resonator -7.83 Hz.

This device produces Schumann resonance wave of 7.83 Hz, an energy that heals and works against the destructive effects of radiation and brings back balance to the body.  

  • Aids in Concentration and Learning.

EMF radiation has an intensive effect on memory and learning capabilities. According to Martha Herbert, Ph.D., MD of Harvard Medical School, a neurologist and neuroscientist, EMF from Wi-Fi can put forth a disorganizing effect on a child’s ability to learn and remember. In addition, she said that it can weaken the immune and metabolic function.

In this case, EMF is one reason why some children are having a hard time learning at school. Using an EMF protection will shield your kids from having these destructive effects.  

  • Easy and Convenient to Use.

The good thing about EMF protection for cellphone and Wi-Fi, as well as EMF shield for computer, is that it is simple, trouble-free to use. It comes in a slim and compact design. Peel and stick the shielding device to the back of your kids’ smartphones or to any EMF emitting device at home.


It has become ordinary to see children, even toddlers, grasping on to smartphones. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also released a statement in connection to WiFi radiation exposures. They gave out a statement stating these exposures as a class 2B carcinogen on May 2011. Protect your kids and invest in EMF cellphone protection! These days, the advancement of wireless technology moves fast-pace and becomes unsafe, prevention is still better than cure!