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Electromagnetic Field or EMF can be generated by nature and even by the human body.  However, these fields are of lower intensity and cannot put people in danger. The EMF from today’s devices such as tablets, cell phones, and computers can cause health threats. Radiation from these high-technology gadgets can go through the body and possibly cause diseases. There are a lot of ways to shield you from the harmful effect of EMF such as natural ways like limiting your exposure and keeping devices as far away as possible or purchase a shielding made specially to protect EMF radiation. Learn more about the topic by reading the best EMF books.

Top 7 best EMF books:

1. Architectural Electromagnetic Shielding Handbook by Leland Hemming

This is a one-stop practical guide for architects and engineers to electromagnetic shielding. It also provides information on the prevention of electromagnetic interference, added information on EMF filters and designs for protected enclosure installation, and problems connected with devices used in the home and office setting. It’s an essential guide for EMF protection that shows how it affects electronic devices.

2. The Body Electric (Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life) by Robert O. Becker & G. Selden

If you’re curious on EMF and the science behind it, this is one of those EMF books that can help you. Showing the connection between the living organisms and the electric forces is the focus of Becker in this work. Also included is the research of the writer on the renewal of organs after they are destroyed. In the book, it also discusses the healing process on the idea that electricity is important to live. This is among those must-have EMF books which also debates evolution, psychic experiences, and healing.

3. Cell Phones and the Dark Deception by Carleigh Cooper

With the rising of technology in the 21st century comes the countless misconceptions about cell phones. Are they really not safe to use? Finally, this is among the EMF books which will enlighten cell phone users on the dangers. With that, it helps them consider the facts between opinions. Cooper vividly wrote about the alarming truths of emitting EMF through a cell phone. Though people can’t give up on their phones, it also provides several easy ways to lessen exposure and decrease the risk of danger.

4. Cell Towers: Wireless Convenience? Or Environmental Hazard by B. Blake Levitt

Cell Towers are used to be able to get a signal to be used when we call, text and surf the net. They are mostly everywhere – in a busy city or in a laid-back neighborhood, around school grounds or even on country roads. Want to learn about cell tower radiation? Get this book and discover the effects of too much exposure to low-level RF. Researches and studies from professionals such as scientists, engineers, and even government officials are also included. It’s among the top EMF books to help you understand more about the harmful effects of cell towers on the environment and health.

5. CROSSCURRENTS: Promise of Electromagnetism and Perils of Electropollution by Robert Becker

The contrasting trends, electro-medicine, and electro-pollution are the focus of this book. It explains not only the interesting information on the promising electro-medicine field but also the suitable, powerful warning on the perils of electronic pollution. Crosscurrents also give realistic tips on how humans can defend themselves from the dangerous results of electromagnetic pollution or EMF through engaging in the therapeutic energy of electromagnetism.

6. Health Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation: A Startling Look at the Effects of Electropollution on Your Health by Bruce Fife, N.D.

If you are into meaningful EMF books, this one is for you. Here, Fife imparts his knowledge on useful ways to save you from the harmful effects of EMF radiation. Electromagnetic radiation is present in our own household, specifically in things like microwave ovens, computers, and other electrical devices. It seems that it is unavoidable to get rid of EMF radiation; this book will talk about how to lessen the EMF contact by as much as 90 percent and perhaps eradicate electro-pollution from the human body.

7. TRACING EMFs in Building Wiring and Grounding by Karl Riley

After learning about the hazards of EMF radiation and how to avoid it, perhaps you may want to check wiring problems at home. Based on a study, the majority of the high magnetic fields in buildings are commonly caused by wiring errors and grounding on electric currents passing through water pipes. Out of all EMF books, this one will serve as a guide to anyone who wants to clear their homes and buildings from EMF. It’s also for electricians and even to architects and engineers who are more likely to be involved in constructions.


The modern technology is giving us convenience in our daily tasks and activities, but the EMF radiation that comes with it is something that you can’t escape from. However, with enough knowledge and understanding of this issue, you can prevent and minimize your exposure. Hardbound EMF books, paperbacks, audio books, and EMF book PDF are all readily available to educate and provide ample resources to combat this harmful radiation.

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