Effective Tips on Protecting Yourself from EMF Radiation

EMF blockers

You may have heard of Electromagnetic field radiation (EMF) and its harmful effects that it can do to your body.  However, not all EMFs are harmful. In fact, our bodies, emit some of them naturally. An example of that is ur muscle and nerve activity. On the other hand, man-made objects have electric voltages and currents that emit dangerous radiation and is harmful to us. That is why you need to start taking the use of EMF blockers into consideration.

Usually, we use these devices in our everyday lives. Some of them include cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi, and large or small electronic devices. Most of the time, we are exposed to dangerous EMF waves without knowing it. In today’s digital age, we face severe radiation exposure threats. In addition, the longer we expose ourselves to these waves, the more odds we have for developing common disorders.

EMF waves are like radiation that can damage our bodies at the cellular level. Some of its negative effects include loss of ions and damage to the cell membrane and DNA. While prolonged exposure to EMF can cause diseases like cancer, brain tumors, diabetes, heart disease, depression, suicide, Parkinson, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Now that you know the negative side effects of EMF, you may want to look for ways to reduce EMF exposure and help yourself feel young and refreshed. The following are some of the ways in which you can reduce EMF radiation to improve your health and avoid its negative effects:

  1. Practice meditation or yoga

You can practice yoga for EMF protection. It is an effective method for EMF detoxification, and it can also help your well-being and balance the harmful effects of technology usage. By practicing meditation and yoga, it helps relax muscle tension that is caused by spending too much time on the keyboards or staring at the screen that leads to an aching wrist, stiff neck, and headache. By practicing yoga, you can also increase your energy levels. A simple yoga session can give you a feeling of light-heartedness and an invigorated body that awaken your sleeping cells.

Also, practicing meditation and doing yoga for EMF protection can lead to a much better sleep since it calms your mind and soul before going to bed. By doing long holds and stretching your body while taking a long deep breath, this helps in soothing your nervous system which will make it easier for you to relax and fall asleep at night.

  1. Maintain distance with your cell phone and computer

As much as possible, try to avoid body contact with your laptop, tablet, cell phone, or PC. Many manufacturers of mobile phones recommend keeping a minimum distance of 10mm between your phone and yourself. We also recommend that you avoid placing your phone inside your bra or pocket. Also, don’t put your cell phone beside your bed when you are sleeping. If you need to keep your mobile phone next to you such as using it as an alarm, just make sure to put it in a distance of six feet away from you. The same can be applied if you are using your laptop or tablet.

  1. Get your feet on the ground

One of the most effective EMF blockers is actually your foot. Simply, place your foot on the ground and let your body soak the Earth’s negative-charged electrons. This method is also known as “Earthing.” The electrons can reduce and remove air pollution, trans-fats, heavy metals, and even reduce inflammation. As such, EMF blockers like your foot, help suppress symptoms of diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Earth electrons act like a mop which eliminates inflammatory electrons successfully, leaving your body clean.

  1. Get an EMF Protection cases for your phone

We cannot deny the fact that cell phones had become an important part of our lives. These gadgets help us to connect with our loved ones and friends while we are at work or at home. But, did you know that they are emitting a strong amount of EMF, harmful to your body? In fact, every time you hold your phone to your ear, you are getting more than 50% of its radiation. That’s why using EMF blockers is important. Another way to reduce the radiation is by using a headset when making a call or using a landline phone. By doing so, it will give you less exposure to the radiation that you receive from your cell phone.

  1. Unplug devices that emit EMF radiation

Another way to use EMF blockers is to unplug your devices and appliances whenever they are not in use. For example, you can turn off your Wi-Fi when you are not using them anymore. By doing so, it reduces the EMF waves in your house. You can also turn off your laptop or PC whenever you are going to bed or simply put it on sleep to reduce your exposure to EMF.

EMF Blockers: Conclusion

In today’s digital world, it is important to be aware of your health, especially when using gadgets. While they are important tools to have, EMF work just as great and always put your health first.

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