Does EMF Impact Your Reproductive Health?

EMF and the Reproductive Health: Risks, and Safety Tips!

EMF and the reproductive health- is there more to the risks than meet the eyes? Here is how EMF exposure threatens your health, impacting everything from your mental to your emotional and physical wellbeing!

Technology has become one of the most significant inventions of men- it has helped us save lives and connect with people.  Technology has made the world a global market, and you can get any information by the touch of a button. EMF (electromagnetic field) consists of radiations or invisible energy fields sourcing from man-made use of electric power.

As we experience an increase in ”western diseases”, we worry about what could be going on, given the booming medical advancements and resources at our fingertips. Why are people contracting inexplicable ailments and diseases? In recent years, people are increasingly suffering from illnesses such as Chronic fatigue, depression, cancer, anxiety, fatigue, and insomnia. EMF is likely to cause many of these diseases.

In terms of EMF and reproductive health, many women experience menopause, conception, and menstruation cycle issues.  Any factors affecting our bodies have a direct effect on our reproductive health.

EMF is Affecting us, but How?

EMFs are part of the natural environment. The Earth has magnetic forces that emit EMF, especially those present in the sun and the stars, thus creating visible light.  Even other creatures and human beings emit a low level of EMF.  In recent years, there has been an increased emission of man-made radiation throughout the world.  When radioactive rays interact with our bodies, they result in an increase in body temperature. The rise in temperature causes imbalances in our natural state of being, also known as homeostasis. When temperature increases in our body organs for a long time, it can result in a lot of damage.

Exposure to EMF is a significant cause of oxidative stress. This mainly happens when there are many free radicals in the body compared to the number of antioxidants.  The free radicals can negatively affect the body by damaging proteins in the body, DNA, and fatty tissues. The damage begins at the cellular level and goes down to the nervous system.  Studies from the past have demonstrated the neuropsychological effects of exposure to EMF.  Our body organs and systems work harmoniously together. So, an inflammation in the body’s nervous system will create a cascade of many issues.

EMF and the Reproductive Health

When observing our reproductive cycle, what we mostly get is symptoms. The symptoms could be in the form of extreme menopausal symptoms, painful periods, or difficulty in conceiving. EMFs can also affect pregnancy, fetal development, infertility in males, embryonic development, and gonadal functions.  However, the effects are usually different depending on the strength of EMF, frequency, and duration of exposure. Mothers should not expose themselves to EMF when pregnant.

EMFs are likely to cause brain cancer in children and breast cancer in adolescents. Children’s immunity and body resistance to external factors do not develop in fullness.  Thus, the effect of EMF can worsen.

Taking care of our reproductive organs requires that we keep checking our bodies regularly for any symptoms.  While researchers are still studying the long-term effects of exposure to EMFs, we need to take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves while checking our bodies for any symptoms.  You might not be able to avoid working on your computer or move outside the city, but you can use your body’s intelligence to know when you need to make changes.

EMF and the Reproductive Health: Helpful Tips to Stay Protected!
  • When using WIFI, ensure that your cell phone data is off. Even though WIFI emits EMFs, it cannot be compared to cellular data, which travels from tower via your body to your phone. The best way is always to put your phone on the cellular mode.
  • Pay attention to your bedroom. This means that you need to have a bedroom based on living a healthy lifestyle. You can do this by ensuring that your exposure to EMF while sleeping is limited. Avoid plugging devices in your bedroom or somewhere near your bed. Additionally, you should not use electronics before sleeping, since they are likely to affect melatonin production which regulates our sleep and wake upcycle.
  • Ensure that your electronic devices are turned off anytime you are not using them.
  • Make sure that your WIFI and router is off when going to sleep.
  • Keep your cell phone away from your body. Avoid putting your cell phone near your ears or reproductive organs since this can increase your risk of getting cancer. It is also a good practice to use speakerphones and headphones when making calls.
  • Think of doing a digital detox whenever you are in the position of doing so.
  • Take time to interact with nature to assist your body in regulating the nervous system’s natural state.
Final Thoughts

It is easy to worry about exposure to EMF and reproductive health. However, no one can live in a cave to avoid EMF, but we always need to protect ourselves.  Technology is beautiful, but we are learning how to live with it and alleviate the negative impact it has on our wellbeing.

Having issues with your reproductive health can be painful and frustrating. If you are experiencing any abnormal symptoms, see to it that you consult your doctor.

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