EMF Threatens Sex Life Quality, Studies Show

electromagnetic radiation
A Link between EMF radiation and the Libido

As we already know Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere. We are surrounded by it, whether at, home, the office or in our car. Too much EMF exposure can develop a variety of threatening diseases. Such include low libido and different reproductive issues, which negatively impact your sex life. Having a low libido makes you lose interest in sex and sexual activities with your partner. As sex is important in a relationship, how you can improve your libido is important to know.

EMF Fertility

A Danish report four years prior performed broad testing on men and discussed their sleep habits. Later, the report assured that men who had poor sleeping habits had lower sperm quality, too.  This is mainly due to EMF, as the radiation affects the sleep quality and melatonin levels.

EMF and Its Target Zones

Electromagnetic radiation can impact and damage many key organs and systems. These include endocrine hormones, reproductive organs, sperm motility, embryonic development, and pregnancy. The flow of free radicals and [Ca2+] may intercede the impact of EMFs and prompt cell growth inhibition. The levels of damage are usually dependant on the exposure’s wave strength and length.

Electromagnetic Radiation Testing

A handful of tests done on rats proved that different frequency of EMF had different effects on each animal. For instance, if exposed to EMFs of 900 and 872 MHz, the rats suffered increased reactive oxygen species (ROS). This later caused secondary degree DNA damage. Likewise, in vivo tests uncovered the expanded oxidative stress caused by a 900 MHz EMF. This accelerated endometrial histopathologic disability in rats. In prostate cancer cells, ROS instigated by a 60 Hz sinusoidal EMF repressed cell development through apoptosis.

What was the final verdict? 

A RF EMF of 2,450 MHz presentations caused a rearrangement of DNA fragments and breakage of testicle DNA. Moreover, an EMF frequency of 1.7 GHz can break the DNA breakage in cauda epididymal spermatozoa and embryonic stem cells in mice.


EMF and Intimacy through Studies

Electromagnetic radiation reduces both testosterone levels in the blood and sperm count. A mere cell phone in your pocket can seriously reduce the sperm count and vitality of remaining sperm.

Dr. Imri Fejes stated that “Men who regularly carry their phone in their pockets or near the groin, on a belt could reduce sperm count by 30%.”

EMF and Male Fertility

By keeping phones close to the testicles, men expose themselves to serious sperm quality problems. This is also true for using laptops and tablets too much. If this practice continues, you increase the chances for a testicle cancer diagnosis by 50%.

In numerous studies, Electromagnetic radiation has been linked to low sex thrive, miscellaneous aspects of birth and difficulty in getting pregnant.
Although EMF is not the only cause, it is considered the lead testicle cancer and infertility trigger.