Mistakes People Usually Do When EFT Tapping

It is a fact that EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping is a simple task to do. Even young ones can quickly learn from it.  For those who are not aware, EFT tapping is conservative management for physical, mental, and emotional issues. While there are other alternative methods that help lower these issues such as EMF protection, medications, psychotherapy, and more, EFT tapping benefits the body’s energy.

However, although these benefits are great, not all can get these as they don’t really know how tapping works. In fact, there are a lot of people who constantly make mistakes when they do tapping. That’s why to achieve the best outcome from this alternative therapy, one should study it very well in terms of how it should be applied.

Most Common EFT tapping Mistakes

When EFT tapping benefits lack, here’s what you might be doing wrong:

  1. Thinking that EFT helps with memories.

The relation between EFT and minds are not direct. What can EFT help with is on a person’s response in line with his/her memories? For example, a person has a fear of heights, and his/her vital signs increase. Tapping allows the person to relax amid the situation.

The typical response is removed at the moment, yet the memory remains. To correct this mistake, the person should ask herself/himself where he/she feels it in his/her body. This ensures a precise baseline to keep track of the progress.

  1. EFT tapping benefits won’t come if stress doesn’t go.

Being emotionally distressed is the reason why EFT tapping benefits people worldwide. If the emotion is at its extreme, the person involved should tap calmly. On the other hand, if the feeling is absent, tapping won’t be effective.

  1. Solely depending on taping to fix serious problems from the past.

One of the main EFT tapping benefits it’s the ability to treat patients suffering from PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder), anxiety, and fears. This is proof that EFT can be useful for serious issues. However, not all issues can be cured by tapping alone. Hence, always remember that it is better to ask for help from a qualified expert on EFT tapping rather than figuring it out on your own.

  1. Not being strict with your phrases. 

This is a mistake usually done by beginners. Tapping will benefit a participant when his/her phrases are in line with her emotions or feelings rather than being too strict about expressions.

  1. Not following reminder phrases.

The purpose of reminder phrases is to keep a participant’s focus. If these phrases cause the person to think more than to feel, they can be distracting. If emotions are high, silence tapping is a better option.

  1. Narrating the whole story before proceeding with tapping.

This is not necessary as tapping should begin when the participant is ready. The person should feel, tap, assess, and focus until he/she feels calm enough.

  1. Narrowing phrases to positive ones only.

The use of positive or negative phrases during tapping is debatable. The important thing is to identify words that will affect the person. If the words, “I am pretty,” or the opposite keep your emotions up, then it is the right phrase. Even if it is not that important, it still helps with relaxation.

  1. Taping without guidance from an expert practitioner.

Though EFT can be done by the person involved himself/herself, it is still better to work with an expert practitioner to entirely and successfully address the issue. EFT tapping for beginners should be with the guidance of a practitioner.

  1. Performing tapping without undergoing training.

Some perform EFT without undergoing training. They do get results, but the outcome is not to its full extent. On the other hand, some have undergone training. They are expected to gain better and consistent outcomes.

Moreover, the results they gain are quicker, more complete, and more detailed. Attaining the best level of the scale should be the goal of every practitioner.

  1. Thinking that all practitioners are the same.

EFT tapping is a technique that practitioners should always study on and apply to be precise in their procedures. It takes common sense to know that not all practitioners meet this standard.

Final Thoughts

The effectiveness of EFT tapping is majorly affected by how the procedure is done or how it is thought to be done. While it can be alternative management for physical, mental, and emotional conditions, it can still be useless unless it is done rightly. This is why it is important to have it done by someone who is well trained.

It is a reality that EFT tapping can help people feel good and better. However, it is still necessary to ask pieces of advice from medical professionals first, especially from a doctor.