EFT Tapping to Reduce Anxiety and EMF Protection

EFT tapping against EMF exposure

Anxiety is such a common problem nowadays due to the hectic modern lifestyle of most people. This modern lifestyle usually involves unhealthy foods, stressful situations, and EMF exposure. There are many ways to help these issues, one of the leading being using EFT tapping against EMF exposure and anxiety.

But how do you use EFT tapping against EMF exposure? The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), sometimes called tapping or EFT tapping combines cognitive and physical elements in one therapy method. EFT tapping therapy improves the symptoms of several mental health disorders, including anxiety and depression.

Also, the Emotional Freedom Technique is an excellent anti-anxiety method that can reduce symptoms of anxiety such as irritability, sleep, and concentration problems.

What is EFT Tapping?

The technique began in 1995, thanks to Gary Craig, a psychotherapist who has been involved in using psychology for personal development. The basics of the emotional freedom technique include tapping specific parts of the body using fingertips while the patient is focusing on a specific concern. Through the use of EFT tapping charts, you tap points or “meridian points” – which are metaphysical, energy-concentrated areas of the body.

During the tapping process, the patient recites short phrases directed to an emotional ailment, thus balancing the energy flow and reducing stress. The EFT tapping points and the energy-concentrated areas are based on traditional Chinese medicine. The meridian points are considered body parts where energy flows. Any imbalance of these energies manifests as physical or mental sickness.

Many modern devices are said to cause a degree of imbalance due to their EMFs, thus the need for EMF protection is also recommended. Since its introduction, many detailed manuals have been produced to “standardize” the EFT tapping chart.

EFT tapping is the second iteration of an earlier practice called thought field therapy (TFT), developed by American psychologist Roger Callahan. To treat a patient suffering from extreme water phobia manifested by chronic stomach pain, Dr. Callahan used his familiarity with traditional Chinese medicinal practices to strategically target an acupuncture point. After asking the patient to tap the acupuncture point, Dr. Callahan noted that there was a relief on the stomach ache and reduction of water phobia.

Using EFT Tapping against EMF Exposure and Other Health Issues

EFT tapping utilizes the metaphysical connection of mind to the body to engage and dissipate harmful emotions. Because of that, many use EFT tapping against EMF exposure and anxiety. Tapping certain points of the body stimulates energy flow along the meridian pathways. In EFT tapping, the patient concentrates on a negative feeling or emotion like specific fears or bad memories.

While concentrating, EFT experts guide patients through the use of EFT tapping charts in order to allow the patient to use their fingertips to gently tap on the nine meridian points of the body. The strategic tapping process induces a rebalance of the energy flow, allowing the patient to accept or cleanse the disturbing unpleasant emotion.

Here are the nine (9) primary EFT tapping points:

  1. Side of the hand near the little finger (pinkie)
  2. Eyebrow middle point
  3. Side of the eye
  4. The portion under the eye
  5. The portion under the nose
  6. Bottom of chin
  7. Point of the collarbones
  8. Underarm
  9. Top of the head

The EFT tapping method as a step-by-step process is explained in more detail below:

Identifying the Concern

Here, the patient identifies a specific or general concern they would like to treat, such as anxiety.

Rating the Distress Felt

With this technique, the patient rates their distress level using an appropriate scale (such as 0 to 10). In addition, having a rating system is important in building a “Subjective Unit of Distress (SUDS)” scale.

Prepare Statements

The patients render their concerns into words as setup statements, used to tune them into the cause of distress. The statement usually has two parts: the acknowledgment of the problem part and the self-acceptance part. An example phrase is “even though anxiety is a plague, because of this problem, I concede and accept myself to mover further from this.”


With the guide of a professional, the patient physically taps on specific EFT tapping points on their face and torso five to seven times. During tapping, the patient repeats select phrases, concentrating on the mental issue. While tapping different points on the body you can use an EFT tapping chart, depending on the problem. The EFT tapping points, along with the concentration of the patient, allows the reduction of anxiety. In addition, the level is checked by re-evaluating the patient using the SUDS scale.

EFT tapping against EMF exposure and Anxiety: Conclusion

The emotional freedom technique has the potential to unlock and rejuvenate the energy flow of a person. As a result, this helps reduce anxiety, pain, phobias, symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and similar ailments.

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