Improve Your Metabolism with EFT Tapping

EFT for metabolism boost

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is an alternative treatment that can treat physical pain and emotional distress just like how EMF protection works. This technique is similar to acupuncture as it focuses on the energy points of the body. But, instead of using needles to stimulate these energy points, the fingertips are used to create tapping motions. Because of that, EFT tapping for metabolism boost, pain, and stress relief has been widely used as an effective technique.

EFT is an effective way of clearing out unwanted feelings. When the unwanted feeling is gone, a new and more positive belief emerges. EFT can also empower a person to take charge of their emotional state as they can tap out a painful feeling away. However, did you know that EFT can be used in other ways too? For instance, losing weight. Read on below to know more about this:

EFT Tapping for Metabolism Boost

What is EFT tapping for metabolism boost, and hence weight loss? To put it simply, this is a technique to help you overcome weight loss hurdles. The most common weight-loss hurdle that an individual can encounter is emotional eating, which can be triggered through stress, health concerns, financial issues, and relationship troubles.

Emotional eating can make an individual turn to food for comfort even though they are not hungry or don’t experience any intense cravings. Emotional eating is a temporary way of relieving negative emotions like stress, boredom, and loneliness and is mostly a subconscious act. In turn, this increases over time when a person feels bad as this would be their way of coping.

EFT tapping for metabolism boost can help decrease the power that food holds over the person, ideal to prevent unwanted weight gain.

Through EFT tapping, an individual can become capable of eliminating harmful self-beliefs and clear the mind of any intrusive thoughts such as stress, anxiety, and guilt, which are present in every person’s subconscious mind, preventing us from fully staying on track of our goal. 

EFT tapping for Metabolism Boost and Using It Right

If done right, EFT tapping for metabolism boost can become your first step in losing weight. Having a high metabolic rate helps in losing weight faster and keeping it off after. Having a high metabolism can also give your body a lot of energy and can make you feel better.

A person’s metabolism improves through their dietary intake, doing a specific workout routine, or getting the right amount of sleep. But EFT tapping helps boost these significantly. This is because EFT can make you focus more, thus making you motivated.

By doing this, the body is energized enough to do exercises that would help enhance your metabolism. In addition, EFT helps you clear negative emotions present in your subconsciousness.

EFT tapping can also reduce your stress hormone level, which is important in keeping your metabolism healthy. High-stress levels can trigger your body’s metabolism to slow down, urging you to eat more, and gain weight.

When you incorporate EFT tapping into your routine, you become capable of removing the negative blockages within yourself. Even more,  you start synchronizing with your body to improve your metabolism rather than fighting it.

By tapping on various acupressure points throughout your body while incorporating positive thoughts and affirmations, this sends out calming signals to your brain that can help boost your metabolism.

As a little disclaimer, you cannot rely solely on EFT tapping alone and expect to see results right away. EFT tapping serves as a tool that you can incorporate into your weight loss routine of healthy dieting and regular exercise. 

EFT Tapping Weight Loss Testimonials

Based on some sources, what most participants feel after joining an EFT tapping program for weight loss, they started their first session with a little bit of pressure, but then the panic did start to alleviate. Some even felt emotional during and after the tapping session and succeeded in cutting away pressure and stress.

Participants who did EFT tapping shed off a couple of pounds by calming their minds and growing their confidence. Others, who fell off the weight loss wagon used EFT tapping to acquire in the right attitude in improving their state.


People who have used EFT tapping to control their cravings also claim that they no longer experience cravings. Also, they have more self-control in the presence of food.

People who have used EFT tapping for stress relief saw an improvement in how their lifestyle has changed. The practice has actually helped them handle their emotions and prevent over-eating or stress eating.

For a better understanding of the EFT, read The Tapping Solutoftion: For Weight Loss and Body Confidence by Jessica Ortner.

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