Everything You Need to Know about EFT and Its Benefits

eft benefits for emf protection

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique is a method used to manage or control tension both in the body and mind. EFT works under the principle that every thought and emotion is a form of energy. Conclusively, there are many EFT benefits for EMF protection, anxiety issues, and stress.

Whether the resulting energy is positive or negative, it has a real physical manifestation that can alter the normal functioning of the body. Even though the human body has the natural ability to heal, emotional distress could inhibit the healing process.

That’s where EFT benefits for EMF protection, stress and anxiety come in. People who have tried before can attest to the tapping technique clearing their minds, improving their focus, getting a positive attitude, and shifting their attention to the present. The best thing about tapping is that it is free and can be done anywhere and at any time.

EMF Benefits for EMF protection and Other Health Problems

Numerous studies have been done, and it can now be medically proved that EMF causes cancer (brain, especially) and leukemia. The impact of EMF could cause stress and other mental health issues. Luckily, EFT can help, so why is EFT a big deal? Let us look wholly into this EMF protection.

The Invention of EFT

Gary Craig invented EFT in the 1990s after he believed his approach to be useful in linking the body to the mind. Later, in 1980, Dr. Roger Callahan, realized that EFT helped people manage their negative emotions, as well as relieve fear, depression and alleviate physical symptoms caused by stress. Now, the question is, does EFT work?

EFT benefits for EMF protection: What Else Does It Treat?

Emotional Freedom Technique, commonly referred to as tapping, is an ancient Chinese practice of combing acupressure with modern psychology by tapping. It works under the principle that physical diseases and pains are strongly linked to negative emotions.

Aside from using EFT benefits for EMF protection, tapping can also help other health issues such as:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Pain relief, for instance, muscular tension, joint pains
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Resentment
  • Emotional problems linked to self-esteem
How Tapping Works

EFT works for many conditions through exploring one’s emotional issues, which are mostly hidden under the problems one is going through. It does have the ability to get rid of beliefs that limit your potential, improve your self-esteem, get over the trauma, and move on.

The main reason for practicing tapping is to align your spirit, mind, and body to release negative emotions, and any tension they could be causing. Tapping enables one to have positive energy and move towards healing.

EFT works through tapping the meridian body system. Each meridian system has its acupressure points, which, when focused on, send a signal to the brain, amygdala, which is responsible for memory, emotions, and survival instincts.

Perceived threats, for instance, stress and negative responses, go to the amygdala and result in chronic stress. Therefore, by practicing tapping, you reprogram the body’s response to any threats, sadness, anger, or any other emotion.

Why EFT Works?

It is hard and nearly impossible to find a solution to a problem if you keep your focus on the issue. Therefore, when tapping, you are tackling the emotions or feelings which you would love to clear or any problems you need to resolve. EFT is a suitable way to place you in the right direction of living your best life.

Meridians are energy circuits that can neither be seen nor measured. However, they have significant and powerful effects. Mind-body aligning is believed to improve the flow of blood around the body in a way that enhances one’s general well-being.

How to Use EFT Benefits for EMF Protection and Remaining Issues?

To reap the benefits mentioned above of EFT, you need to:

  • Identify the problem
  • Before starting tapping; name the question you need to solve. Always focus on one question at a time.
  • Create a reminder
  • Give your problem a title. It will help you stay focused on the issue at hand all through the process.
  • Rate the magnitude of the issue
  • Have an intensity scale, and assign a number for your problem.
Set your affirmation

Have a self-affirming phrase that will help you feel more powerful than the issue. As you start to repeat your statement, tap your hand, or the pressure points.

Tapping sequence

During the tapping sequence, you use your fingers to tap all the eight meridian points. Use the middle and index finger to apply gentle but firm pressure as you repeat your affirmations out loud.

As you continue to tap, have positive thoughts in your mind, and have them in repetition. EFT tapping points are the top part of the eyebrows, beneath the eyes, below the nose, below the chin, the lower part of the corner bone, the topmost part of the head, and below the arm.

Tune in

How do you feel about the entire tapping session? After tapping, rate the scale of your problem.

Repeat the process

In the event of feeling stuck, change your affirmations, and restart the tapping process.

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