5 Supreme Earthing Products on the Market Today!

Earthing products

Ancient people believe that there is healing power in earthing or grounding. Living in the modernized age, we overlooked the grounding benefits. Amazingly, the earth has always been around us ready to give us the healing that we need. More recent studies show that grounding has extensive benefits, particularly in reducing inflammation and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself. However, with grounding also come earthing products and tools that help enhance the practice. Such are grounding mats, sheets and more, all able to deliver stellar health effects. 

Therefore, let’s discuss some of the best earthing products, the reason they work, and the way to use them right!

Best Earthing Products on the Market Today!

The most convenient way to experience earthing is to leave the comforts of your homes and get pleasure from the outdoors. You can just go barefoot on the grass at your backyard or enjoy an afternoon walk at the beach and indulge in the moist sand.

However, with the hectic and demanding lifestyle of today, you might not have the luxury of time every day to go out and connect yourself to the earth. There is an indoor earthing that will fit your standard of living; it is as effective as outdoor earthing, too!

Here is a list of the best earthing products in the market today:

  • Earthing Mats

These indoor earthing products are offer high-grade solid carbonized synthetic rubber. At the same time, they offer top-notch conductive properties, too.

are conductive the whole time. How to use a grounding mat? You simply place the mat under your desk or table to rest your bare feet in as you work in the office or as you relax at home. Earthing mats in the office can be beneficial in reducing work-related stress, enhancing better concentration, giving more energy at the end of the day, and protecting from low-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

At home, you can use them as a grounding yoga mat. Grounding yoga mats are best in reducing inflammation and pain, improving blood circulation, and heart rate variability, and more positive mood.

  • Best Earthing Sheets

Most of our days on earth are spent in bed, so we need to make sure that we can get the most out of it. You don’t need to worry if you haven’t been outside and experience grounding. There is a way to keep grounded even when you are resting. Earthing or grounding bed sheets are one of the best ways to enjoy grounding even in the comfort of our own homes.

The bedroom is one of the most harmful places in a house because of the Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from smartphones and gadgets. Earthing sheets are just like normal bed sheets, but what makes them extraordinary is that they are made with conductive material woven through them. These bed sheets have antimicrobial fiber that vigorously kills or slows down the growth of bacteria.

  • Earthing Pads

Another of the earthing must-have products are earthing pads. Use these versatile pads either at work or at home, or even when you travel! All these are of high-quality, and use materials which offer energy conduction on both sides. They are also made of a fabric containing surgical grade stainless steel fiber.

How to enjoy the pads? They are very convenient to use. You can sit on it; just lay down your earthing pad on a sofa or a chair. Also, you can place it on top of the desk to rest your forearms on. In addition, you can lay it on the floor and rest your feet on it. Then, you can set it on top of your yoga mat while doing different yoga positions. It can also be a good pet bed because pets can enjoy the benefits of earthing, too. The natural antimicrobial fibers can prolong the life of the product, as well.

  • Earthing Pillow Case

As one of the most effective earthing products, these pillowcases offer better sleep and rest. When you sleep on an earthing pillow, you will possibly feel uninterrupted sleep and refreshed upon waking up. According to a report, sleeping on earthing pillowcases improves your facial blood flow. In such a way, you look and feel younger when you wake up. 

How do these earthing products work? They go inside a regular cotton pillowcase and don’t require direct skin contact to experience the benefits. In a standard pillowcase, sweats and perspiration can stock up on fabric, a potential breeding area for bacteria. The product’s antimicrobial properties can kill the growth of bacteria.

  • Earthing Sleep Pad

Another of the great earthing products is the earthing sleep pad. This is convenient to use at home, most especially when you are traveling. A sleep pad that fits one person and can be simply rolled up into a tiny bag for traveling. Reportedly, it can help to get an uninterrupted sleep, reduce pain, and more energy upon waking up. Like the undersheets, you can use these sleep pads underneath the existing fitted sheet. If you want to indulge in the benefits of earthing while traveling, this product is worth the investment.  


Going outdoors and going barefoot can give a lot of benefits to a person. However, given our hectic schedules, it is impossible to spend time outdoors too often. 

A 2015 study shows that earthing during exercise is an effective way to decrease pain and blood viscosity. In addition, Psychological Reports: Mental and & Physical Health (2015) showed a result that one hour of earthing can improve mood and during the study, earthing pillows and pads were used.

While spending time barefoot is best for grounding, these top earthing products can offer the exact same benefits. So, invest in them now and spoil yourself!