Top Benefits of Grounding and Earthing

earthing benefits

Earthing or grounding is putting your bare feet on the earth daily. Unfortunately, a lot of people have lost this contact in time. However, many health experts have stated that missing out on earthing can cause larger health problems. For instance, The number of people fighting chronic diseases has been on a drastic rise. As experts reveal, that this lack of earthing is having a huge impact on our health. According to emerging research, there are amazing earthing benefits, which can fortify your health.

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Top Grounding and Earthing Benefits

Grounding or earthing is connecting the body to physically touch the earth. Scientifically, the earth has a placid negative charge to it. After a while, our bodies build up a positive charge, as a result of modernization. Grounding or earthing aligns this positive charge and brings it back to its original condition. Scientific studies specify that you can protect your body by reconnecting it with the earth.

Here is a list of earthing benefits based on researches:

  • Reduce Levels of Inflammation and Pain

This is probably considered the biggest earthing benefits. In fact, strokes, diabetes, heart diseases, and other forms of cancer are interrelated to chronic inflammation.

When you suffer injuries or infections, the immune system of the body bounces into action. Bacteria and viruses invade white blood cells, but the body responds in a healing manner. As per a 2015 research study, the disconnection from the Earth may be a significant contributor to physiological dysfunctions. Grounding barefoot on the earth and using an indoor specially designed earthing products can easily lead to bigger health and well-being.

  • Improves Sleep

One of the greatest earthing benefits is better sleep. A 2004 study focused on the biological earthing benefits the body uses sleep. This process enables measuring and stabilizing our cortisol levels. Also, the researchers discovered that those who used earthing products while sleeping had decreased levels of cortisol. In addition, they experienced a normalization of cortisol secretion the following day.

If your cortisol levels are elevated, then your sleep quality is poor. As Dr. Jeff Spencer says, innovative earthing products, like mats and sheets, play a relevant role in the lives of athletes. He added that earthing also affects many body processes positively, such as sleep, pain, energy, recovery.  

  • Lowers Stress and Promotes Calmness

Grounding has an immense impact on stress relief. This usually happens when there’s a change in the autonomic nervous system, from sympathetic to parasympathetic dominance. The Journal of Environmental and Public Health researchers put their input on this occurrence. Moreover, they notice that when during grounding, there was a speedy (de)activation of both nervous systems respectively. 

A 2018 study on stress and earthing benefits revealed the correlation between earthing to the heart rate variability (HRV). HRV refers to the natural beat-to-beat variation in your heart rate. The greater the HRV, the better the heart reacts to stress in a healthy manner.

  • Decreases Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Now, let’s see what The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine says on this benefit. One of grounding’s main goals is reducing blood viscosity. Furthermore, researches explain how our physical contact with earth has plenty of effects on our health. This includes our physiology and health, as well as our cardiovascular health.

Increased blood viscosity indicates cardiovascular diseases. This is because of its effects on hypertension, thrombogenesis, ischemia, and atherogenesis. But, grounding or earthing of the body is practically harmless. The study indicates that grounding has a secure and important effect on zeta potential.

  • Protects the Body from EMF and Damaging Electromagnetic Energy

With earthing, the AC field inside your body reduces noticeably (often almost to zero) volts. The AC electrical fields directly above and around the body increase. Use an electrical field power meter to measure the field around your body while earthing. You’ll find the 50 Hz AC electric field is higher if you don’t practice earthing. This is because, during earthing, you push away any traces of EMF exposure. 

Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman sheds more light on the topic. As he explains, when our body levels the Earth’s electric potential, it becomes a part of its system. Earthing is very efficient at protecting the body from low-frequency EMFs. Such are AC electrical devices and wiring.

Earthing or grounding is the process of absorbing the earth’s free-flowing electrons through the soles of one’s feet. This is an inexpensive way to use all earthing benefits and still maintain excellent health. As we live our fast-paced lives, we should know that grounding may be the ultimate cure out there.