Health Conditions You Can Treat with Earth Vibrations!

earth vibrations

Many studies show that you can boost your overall health if your vibration frequency is similar to the Earth’s. Even more,  research shows that exposing living cells to Schumann Resonance and earth vibrations significantly boost the immunity.

For many years in the past, the earth vibrations frequency had been at 7.83Hz. This is also referred to as the ideal frequency. Lately, however, a series of Schumann Resonance spike has been recorded. By 31 January 2017, the resonance remained at 36 Hz and continues to spike erratically in 2018.

Still, experts believe that if we learn to synchronize our human vibration frequency to earth vibrations, we can still reap its many health benefits. Below are health conditions you can improve if your body is aligned with earth vibrations.

Health Conditions You Can Improve Through Earth Vibrations
  • Heart Conditions

Has someone told you that you suffer from a condition that won`t improve?  What if we told you that grounding is more effective in chronic conditions?

In a recent research, the team acknowledged that chronic degenerative diseases have become a leading cause of death. Therefore, increasing human longevity depends on finding a sustainable solution for chronic illnesses.

And connecting to the earth vibrations and frequency through grounding could be the solution we need. Grounding has a substantial effect on chronic illnesses. In fact, Chevalier G, Sinatra ST, Oschman JL, Delany RM wrote a book on it. The book is titled Earthing the human body reduces blood viscosity— a significant factor in cardiovascular disease.

They also published a study in which they examined the effects of a 2-hour grounding on the electrical charge and red blood cells. The results were very promising and showed an increase in zeta potentials. At the same time, they reported a lesser aggregation of red blood cells. These results indicate that grounding has the potential to intervene with cardiovascular diseases.

  • Insomnia

In 2004, a published study proved that earthing during sleep cures insomnia. Earthing is the transfer of the earth’s electrons to the human body through a conductive system.

This particular study revealed that earthing stabilizes the cortisol-production rhythm. With that, subjects face a drastic improvement in their sleep pattern. A 2006 study supports this argument. The study analyzed the subjects’ cortisol levels, before and after earthing.

Prior to earthing, all subjects showed predictable cortisol levels. However, after using the earthing mattress pad, their cortisol levels were similar to the earth vibrations. Hence, earthing, whether through connecting with nature or using earthing products, helps normalize the cortisol body level.

It is because of such findings that Schumann Resonance is also associated with improving depression, anxiety, and stress. The study also showed that depressed and anxious individuals show elevated levels of cortisol in their system.

  • Autoimmune diseases and Inflammation

A recently-published report, recognized inflammation as an overwhelming burden, especially for the elderly. The names behind the study are James L Oschman, Richard Brown, and Gaetan Chevalier. For their study, they inspected a small group of subjects.

The results of the study showed that grounding alters the circulation of neutrophils and lymphocytes. The two are cells have to do with inflammation. Neutrophils fight the bacteria that causes inflammation, so a high count means there is an infection. Meanwhile, a low count of lymphocytes indicates that the person is at risk of suffering an infection.

In one specific case, researchers took photos of a 44-year-old woman suffering from inflammation. The photos were a before and after grounding proof. Then came the earthing, which lasted for four days and during sleep. Images taken later showed a reduced inflammation.

The subject also reported a reduction in pain by 30% and a significant 70% pain interference when sleeping. Furthermore, there has been a 30% decrease in morning soreness and stiffness. After a month of earthing, the woman reported pain reduction by 80%, no sleep issues, and a 70% stiffness decrease. The pain went away after eight weeks.

Because of the positive results of earthing, the therapy now represents a potential treatment plan for lupus patients. Lupus is an autoimmune disease wherein inflammation is a common symptom. Because lupus patients are sensitive to high temperature, the earthing through nature is a better alternative.


Schumann Resonance or the earth vibrations brought a lot of health benefits that are backed by studies. Unless the earthing therapy poses certain side effects, we see no reason not to try it. Of course, as the first layer of protection, we recommend consulting your doctor, thus minimizing possible risks.