4 Reasons Why Earth’s Natural Frequency Is Good for You!

Earth frequency jewelry

As the rate of global change increases, people are looking for more ways to protect themselves from the elements. The levels of pollution and modern medicine side effects have motivated people to search for more natural sources of energy. Probably the most talked-about problem of all is man-made electromagnetic frequencies exposure. As you know, all these have some pretty scary effects on our wellbeing. But today, given our advanced technology, there are plenty of ways to prevent these. one such example is Earth frequency jewelry.

What is this Mystery Cure?

You probably don’t know that most living things have their own frequency and energy field that they adhere to. The earth vibration as some call it is caused by lightning strikes around the world that happen between the Earth’s crust and the ionosphere. This produces electromagnetic waves that blanket our atmosphere and creates the “Schumann Resonance” as we know it.  

The Missing Link?

Scientists believe that fluctuations in the Schumann Resonance, or the Schumann Resonance Spikes, could very well be the key to overall health in modern times where artificial methods of well-being have overtaken those that lie just beneath our feet.

It was researcher Rutger Wever that proved this by conducting an experiment with students back in 1960. He placed his subjects in an underground bunker which was impervious to the Schumann Resonance. The students eventually reported suffering from headaches, intense pangs of emotion, and lack of energy. He then introduced the Schumann Resonance without the students knowing. What he discovered is that all students instantly felt relief and recovered from the symptoms.

This led to the hypothesis that the human body itself reverberated to the same tune as the Schumann Resonance and that a 7.83 Hz human body would be an optimum condition to be in for our species.

Why the Earth’s Natural Frequency is Good for you!
  • Energy For Days

Scientists believe that the secret to boosted energy and vitality lies in our connection to our Planet’s heartbeat. This explains the feeling of relief and relaxation we get when we avoid electronic device exposure. When you are away from anything that produces man-made electromagnetic energy, you will be able to become more in tune with the Schumann Resonance and feel recharged.

  • Recovery from “Bad Feelings”

Connection to the Schumann Resonance keeps us in tune with our body’s natural rhythm, and so constant interaction with it will help in creating the optimum environment for us to be constantly in a state of recovery. This is why we often feel better when we are in a rural, modernization-free area.

  • A Boost in Sleep Quality

Since the Schumann Resonance beats to the tune of our brain’s alpha wave activity, it is said to have an effect on both our creative minds, as well as the quality of sleep we get. A constant exposure to this frequency will provide us with a bigger chance of getting high-quality sleep at night. This is also known as the planetary “clock” to which all forms of life are connected. It might be the reason why we’re able to adjust our body clocks to wake up at specific times.

  • Deeper Connections with our Spiritual Selves

In the pursuit of connectedness with earth vibration, people often look towards spiritual methods and rituals that involve nature and chanting. This will help in creating a deeper bond between the human body and the frequency to which it reverberates. It will give life a deeper sense of belongingness and purpose through the Schumann Resonance.

Earth Frequency Jewelry

In today’s world, there are more convenient ways of getting in touch with the Schumann Resonance. Scientists and jewelers devised Earth frequency jewelry, operating at the same frequency as the resonance. Called “grounding technology,” this Earth frequency jewelry works by imbuing the piece with the Schumann Resonance through sympathetic resonance.

These special products help to counteract the possible effects of man-made electromagnetic frequencies. Usually, they keep the body in contact with the resonance, thus reinforcing it against other static types.

All Earth frequency jewelry come in different shapes and sizes. You can find them as medallions, rings, and even necklaces and wear them as a fashion accessory as well.

This acts like an electromagnetic “detox” and can help alleviate the common symptoms of electromagnetic sickness.

Where do we Stand?

We now live in a world overrun by the artificial, and so we constantly need to assess our roots.  Reconnecting with our Earth’s natural rhythm will create an overall better environment for us to be in. This happens because we won’t feel the need to be exposed to negative radiation unnecessarily. There are many methods of reconnecting with this frequency. Such are, for instance, meditation and visualization. Ultimately, Earth frequency jewelry is also able to reintroduce a balance back into your life. 

If we do this more often, there might just be a bright future waiting for us at the end of the tunnel.