5 Effective Activities for the Best Earth’s Vibes Synchronicity

earth energy connection

Spending most of your days indoors could disconnect you from your natural electric state. In such a way, you risk permanently impairing your natural body clock. Also, you increase your exposure to high-frequency EMF, which could cause many health problems. This is because your body is disconnected from the natural flow EMFs, which can be absorbed from the Earth’s surface. The magnetic cells in a person’s body establish a great Earth energy connection. 

This Earth energy connection creates a global electromagnetic resonance powered by lightning discharges called the Schumann resonance spike. It prevents foreign frequencies from interfering with your biological clock and coordinates your biochemical reactions for a better health.

Grounding and Earth Energy Connection

Grounding or earthing, is a free, simple, and effective technique which connects your body with the Earth vibes. The goal is enhancing your neural functions and improving your overall health.

Grounding through Earth energy connection is an excellent source of subtle electrical fields and electrons. Since these energies come from a natural source, this is a practical method for absorbing antioxidants. As antioxidants recover the body, your circulation, immune system, and other processes will benefit from it.

Earthing can be done by going barefoot and placing your feet on the ground. You can do this on any surface from grass and sand to dirt and concrete. Once you have grounded yourself, you’ll feel a balance in your entire nervous system.

For people who do not get the chance to go outdoors regularly, wearing an Earth frequency bracelet is also a great way to attract Earth energy. Here is a list of activities that you can do to give you an idea of how to establish an Earth energy connection:

Top 5 Activities for the Perfect Earth Energy Connection
  • Walking Barefoot at the Beach

Going to the beach is one of the best ways to get the effects of the Schumann resonance spike. Whether it is by walking barefoot on the sand or sunbathing, the beach is an ideal place to find peace. These activities keep your body grounded to the Earth’s surface, bringing an influx of electrons naturally into your body.

The human body is about 60% water. This, plus the minerals that make up the body makes it an excellent conductor of electrons. The ocean or sea water’s high salt content also makes it one of the best electrical conductors. This is why by simply strolling barefoot on the beach, you are able to rejuvenate your body.

  • Swimming in the Sea and Ocean

If you feel drained after a long week, try to find time to go swimming during the weekend. Swimming in a natural body of water will help keep your body perfectly grounded. Such waters are lakes, seas, or oceans. It is important that you swim in natural waters instead of manmade pools. This is mainly because the water-Earth connection allows your body to absorb electrons.

It is highly recommended to go swimming in salt water due to the reasons stated above. However, freshwater ponds are also beneficial if they are the only ones of easier access to you. Avoid swimming in inflatable pools or man-made ones. They have dense insulations and have no room for grounding.

  • Gardening

For those with a green thumb, you can get your daily dose of Earth energy by doing what you love to do – gardening. Through gardening, your body is able to be in contact with the soil and plant. With that, you will acquire all the energy you need.

Know that you should not use rubber or plastic gardening gloves and shoes. This is due to the fact that both could block the energy which your body absorbs.

  • Outdoor Workouts

Fitness enthusiasts can also be grounded with Earth energy by doing regular workouts outdoors. Try taking your workouts to the next level by going barefoot and running on wet grass or soil. You can also do aerobics, yoga, or simple crunches outdoors. Find a comfortable spot on the grass and do your exercise routine without a mat.

Aside from offering the Earth energy while you exercise, grounding also helps with tissue and muscle pain recovery.

  • Tree Meditation

As discussed above, keeping contact with the elements of the Earth can help keep you grounded. If you just want to stay calm while finding a grounding Earth energy connection, you can do so by simply sitting cross-legged on the ground with a green environment – such as trees. A number of studies have shown that trees can bring positive effects to a person’s health. People are not only living in areas surrounded by trees; some would even construct tree houses for their vacation homes. Many people feel relaxed when around trees. This is because trees and plants have positive energy that humans can easily absorb. 


Exposing yourself to nature will connect you to the harmonizing rhythms brought by the Schumann resonance. By keeping your Earth energy connection alive daily, you will experience positive changes in your overall health. The more often you connect with nature, the better your body will become. It is a natural way to boost your wellbeing, and it helps you appreciate nature and Mother Earth even more.


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