Does Shungite or Orgonite protect against EMF radiation

Shungite or Orgonite protect against EMF radiation

Does Shungite or Orgonite protect against EMF radiation: Shungite or Orgonite. These crystal stones help those who struggle with various diseases. It improves general physical condition, relieves nervous tension, and helps improve energy flow.

They help remove harmful electromagnetic radiation from any source such as computers, microwave ovens, televisions, and cell phones.

EMF, the abbreviation for electromagnetic fields, is also known as electromagnetic radiation or electromagnetic energy.

Does Shungite or Orgonite protect against EMF radiation-

Using Shungite to protect against EMF radiation:

In today’s world is based on electronics, our cell phones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives, that is what makes a Shungite or Orgonite for cell phones so important. However, the human biological field has an electromagnetic nature. Also, cell phone radiation is said to suppress the biological field and disrupt the natural energy flow within your body.

As an initial step in integrating Shungite or Orgonite into your life, we recommend that you place this Shungite plate on the back of your phone for EMF protection.

Benefits of Shungite:

It will help neutralize the damaging effects of electromagnetic waves, which affect your energy balance, and your health. Especially, given the way cell phones are held, it affects your brain and hearing functions.

The application of this cell phone radiation protection corrects and transforms electromagnetic waves into bio-compatible emanations. There are many other stones that help reduce the presence of EMF.

However, Shungite or Orgonite is superior to all others in this regard. Shungite does not saturate, does not take on a negative charge, and continues to powerfully transform radiation and EMFs.

To reduce the load that EMFs are putting on your energy, you need to ditch your phone and other electronic devices. Or you can also seek the help of Shungite. Unfortunately, most of us need our phones to stay in touch with work and loved ones. That means that Shungite is the best option for keeping our energy field vibrating to its fullest positive potential.

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Orgonite for more positive energy:

Orgonite is one of the man-made metaphysical substances, crafted from metal shavings, resin, and quarts. Much more than a decoration object, orgonite aims to remove stagnant, negative energy and generate less harmful and more positive energy, that is, transmute.

The basic components of an orgonite are parts of metallic particles such as copper, aluminum or iron, resin, and crystals.

Orgonite is a tool, also called technology. It is a piece that couples various elements to transmute and improve the energy quality of a person, body part, chakras, or environment.

It is common to use crystal gravel, but it is also very logical that the quality of the crystal interferes with the quality of the energy of the orgonite. Then more crystalline formations like natural spikes or some special formations can be incorporated. Typically, clear quartz formation used, but other crystals for different types of energy can be included.

Benefits of Orgonite:

One of the benefits of orgonite is to cleanse stagnant energy and negative energy and generate less harmful and positive energy. We can say that the main benefit is to transmute.

In addition, the constant use of orgonite can reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields, for example, from our Wi-Fi networks, smartphones, electricity, and computers. Therefore, it can contribute to making environments lighter and more balanced.

Some people even report improvements in meditative practice. These unscientific accounts are the basis of the Orgonites’ fame.

In addition to the harmonizing effect, orgonite, made from different crystals, enhancing a certain intention or focusing on certain energy. With this, it is possible to take advantage of the natural characteristics of each stone or crystal.

EMF radiation is harmful:

Most importantly, the radiation from a mobile phone suppresses the biofield and thus damages the body. An EMF protection sticker made of Shungite for a cell phone is designed to protect against electromagnetic radiation, which is harmful to human health.

Keep yourself and your family always safe from Electromotive Force radiation:

Shungite radiation neutralizer has excellent detection properties. At the same time, Shungite serves as a talisman and protects against EMF radiation and negative energy. Also, it mounts on the back of the mobile phone.

Boost your energy:

You will feel more energetic, and full of strength. Your well-being will improve and stress will decrease a lot. Shungite EMF blocker for cell phone is an easy and simple way to protect your and your family from hazardous electromagnetic radiations. It can reduce the harmful effects of radiation by 99%.

Protect your Family:

In conclusion, by using this device, you can easily create a safe and healthy environment. In addition to protection against electromagnetic radiation, Shungite is a strongly protective stone. Finally, as a talisman, the Shungite gives a safe and beneficial feeling to those who wear it.  Thus, Shungite stickers and other such products are one of the excellent tools. They attract good luck as well bring a positive lifestyle.

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