Does EMF protection really work? Top 20 Q&A about the 5G era

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These days, EMF radiation can be found almost everywhere you turn– in smartphones, computers, Wifi routers, microwaves, and many other appliances. While people don’t see the dangers of EMF, constant exposure may affect your immunity. For this reason, people are looking for the best EMF protection products that can help protect them from EMF radiation.

What these products do is that they neutralize EMF and act as a shield around you so that your body doesn’t absorb the radiation.

If you are curious about EMF and radiation protection, we’ve prepared a short Q&A section for you to check out. Here, we can answer all of your EMF related queries and concerns.

Does EMF protection really work?

Yes, most EMF protection products actually do work. They are certified by accredited institutions in measuring the appropriate technical parameters and shown to reduce EMF radiation in a certain diameter. Do take note that an EMF protection device does not protect your whole body.

Rather, it protects the part of your body that it is in contact with. Some EMF products may also be placed on the radiation-emitting device too. The “cage” the radiation emitted by the device so that the EMF does not travel out.  Again, the EMF protection product only cages the EMF from the area that it is in contact with.

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What Material can block EMF?

There are a number of metals that are used as EMF protection devices. Some of the metals that can block off EMF include aluminium and galvanized steel. That’s because these two metals have very high conductivity allowing them to absorb EMF waves. Aside from that, copper can also be a good EMF blocking material. It’s used for blocking off both magnetic and radio waves. Aside from just metals, stones can also be used as EMF protection devices. A very popular EMF protection stone is black tourmaline. Lots of products have been made from this stone. Other than that, Fulgurite, Fluorite, Flint, Amazonite, and the Black Moonstone are also used.

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What are the symptoms of EMF?

If you are exposed to too much EMF, you will definitely feel some unpleasant symptoms. While most of the symptoms wear off after some time, others may last longer or even require some medical attention. Some of the minor symptoms of too much EMF may include headache, fatigue, lack of concentration, irritability, restlessness, nausea, and slight dizziness.

For the major symptoms, you may feel some instances of anxiety, insomnia, depressive tendencies, major dizziness, weight loss, appetite loss, and burning skin sensations. You may also notice a change in electrical activity in the brain. This is usually gotten through the results of an electroencephalogram.

Does orgonite protect from EMF?

Yes, orgonite can protect from EMF. Just to give you an idea of what orgonite is, it is a compound that combines various organic and inorganic materials to form one type of compound. The materials used to make it include quartz, resin, and various metals inside of it. The reason as to why it can protect from EMF is simply because the metals force makes the radiation lose energy while it goes through the orgonite. In a way, the orgonite can neutralize the power of the EMF radiation making its effects significantly weaken when it reaches your body. That’s why most people use it as an EMF protection device.

Do cell phone radiation protectors work?

EMF protection stickers have been getting a lot of buzzes because manufacturers claim that they can fully cage radiation inside the phone without them going out. However, EMF deterrents usually only neutralize and decrease the radiation of a particular area that it is in contact with.

Is EMF harmful to humans?

There is no conclusive research that can totally claim whether or not EMF is harmful to humans. However, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) claims that radiation is possibly carcinogenic to humans. This means that EMF can potentially be a cause of cancer. That in itself tells us that EMF does have properties that may harm us. However, this ultimately depends on the amount of EMF that we’re exposed to. Usually, EMFs are measured using a unit called milliGauss or mG. The Environmental Protection Agency claims that a limit of 2.5 mG to keep safe.

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Are EMF waves harmful?

There have not been any studies that can totally claim the whole dangers of EMF waves. However, there are certain dangers to too much exposure to EMF waves. There are certain symptoms that you may feel after you have been exposed for a long time. The level of harm also depends on the strength of the radiation your body receives.

There are some appliances that emit more EMF than others. If you have been exposed to very strong radiation for a long period of time, then you may be causing your body some harm already.

What is the EMF stand for?

In a general sense, EMF stands for electric and magnetic fields. While our world naturally produces EMF radiation (such as radiation from the sun), man-made radiation may result in some harm for people.

Devices such as microwaves, cellphones, powerlines, and computers all produce a certain amount of radiation that can cause some undesirable symptoms due to exposure. Other sources of EMF radiation comes from medical devices such as x-rays or MRIs.

These devices also emit high amounts of EMF that may result in some long term harm to the body. In small amounts though, electric and magnetic field exposure may not be harmful.

Is WiFi an EMF?

The short answer to this is yes. To be specific, WiFi makes use of radiofrequency which is also a type of electromagnetic radiation. This is done through the help of wireless routers that can produce WiFi. Wireless routers that produce WiFi actually emit electromagnetic field (or simply EMF) radiation but in a low gigahertz frequency.

However, this type of frequency is already considered rather harmful to people. That’s because the strength of the WiFi EMF waves can pass through walls and are present 24/7 (most people don’t shut off their routers even when they sleep).

What is the average EMF in a home?

A more recommended level of EMF in a household is around 1 mG. This is because many studies have shown that a max of 1 mG should be exposed to your body. So if you can keep your EMF levels to 1 mG only, then you’re quite safe. If it’s higher than that, then you just have to make sure that the EMF producing devices are a bit far from you.

Can EMF go through to walls?

Generally, EMF can go through most walls. EMF can especially penetrate through concrete walls and wooden walls without having much trouble. EMF might have some trouble penetrating thicker material such as brick or cement but this material won’t fully block off the EMF waves. However, EMF may be blocked off by metal walls. That’s why you may notice that your mobile WiFi connection can be weak if you’re near construction sites. That’ll be because of all the metal blockades present. However, most people don’t use metal for their walls at home so EMF can easily travel through their home walls.

What can block radiation?

Metal materials can usually block off EMF radiation. Metals like aluminium, copper, steel, and tin all can block off EMF radiation from spreading. Fabrics that are made out of metal sheets are especially good at radiation protection because they produce a Faraday cage that can contain EMF. Aside from that, there are a few certified products, stones and crystals that can render EMF. These materials have the ability to neutralize radiation and render them harmless.

Why is protection from radiation needed?

In a general sense, you won’t want too much radiation in your body because of the long term effects that you may experience. An overload of radiation in a short span of time may already render some symptoms that give you discomfort (such as migraine headaches, dizziness, or irritability).

What more to say long term exposure. If you are exposed to radiation for a long period of time, you may experience even more severe symptoms that may lead to some complications in the future. After all, radiation seems to be one of the possible causes of cancer in some people.

How radiologists protect themselves from radiation?

Radiologists must always wear shielding devices like gloves, masks, goggles, and aprons. If they do not need to be near the patient, they will avoid exposure by staying behind a protective curtain or even a window. It’s also important to take note that the x-ray or scanning room is enclosed with walls that can contain the radiation.

This kind of barrier ensures that the radiation does not escape the room and go to the radiologists and the doctors.

How can you protect yourself from radiation?

The thing about radiation is that it’s everywhere, so it’s quite impossible to fully protect yourself from radiation. However, you can reduce the effects of radiation. First, you must determine where the radiation is coming from and try to cut down the time of exposure to it.

Next, it’s important to try to reduce the amount of radiation in the body. You can do this by eating foods that can cut down radiation. These include fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, seaweed, and fermented soybeans (miso in Japanese). It can also really help if you have EMF protection products that can protect certain major areas in your body from getting too exposed. You may also want to keep EMF neutralizing crystals near places that have the most radiation emission (e.g. near your computer).

How can I protect myself from cell phone radiation?

Since people are rather attached to their cellphones these days, it’ll be hard to totally protect yourself from phone radiation. However, there are a few phone radiation protection practices you apply to lessen the radiation. Here are a few ones to take note of: – Use a headset when you make calls – Keep the phone away from your body as possible – Turn the WiFi or mobile data off when not in use – Don’t always turn on the GPS – Turn off your phone when you’re sleeping – Put your phone in your bag instead of your pocket – Use a certified EMF protection product that you can put it on your cell phone

What is the best EMF protection for cell phones?

The best EMF protection products are those certified by accredited institutions in measuring the appropriate technical parameters. These parameters cannot be measured with ordinary devices that can be purchased from the market. Other than that, just don’t use your phone too much or keep it too near you and you should be fine.

Do cell phones emit harmful radiation?

Cell phones do emit a lot of radiation, especially if you use WiFi, mobile data, or Bluetooth. However, the amount of harmful radiation that’s emitted can be controlled depending on your usage activities. If your usage is under control, the radiation from your phone shouldn’t be too harmful.