7 Crucial Facts on Dirty Electricity and EMF Protection

dirty electricity

Dirty electricity mainly refers to the process of electrical contamination. It revolves around electromagnetic waves which get in touch with household wiring illegally. Typically, the electrical supply you use should only reach 50 Hz.

However, this is once in a while the case. There are quite often huge second and third harmonics (100 and 150 Hz in Europe, 120 and 180 Hz) in the USA alone. Still, these are not more hurtful than the pure sine wave.

Dirty electricity is oftentimes associated with EMF radiation, which mostly stems from electronic devices we use.

Dirty Electricity – EMF radiation protection

How does Dirty Electricity Work?

Dirty electricity enters your home using a nearby power supply, mostly from your gadgets. The approaching supply is regularly very perfect, so most of the dirty electricity is produced by gadgets in the house.

DE attract waves from devices like cookers, dimmer switches, TVs, bright lights and PCs. Any present-day gadget that has a “switched mode power supply” which will likely cause some level of DE.

The largest amount of dirty electricity came from solar panels which generate 230 Volts to feed into the electricity supply.

If neglected, this type of EMF exposure can lead to serious health concerns. Because of that, it is important to learn deeply about the dangers of DE and how to limit them.

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Dirty Electricity – EMF Radiation Protection.

The pollution or contamination is caused due to electromagnetic-field (or EM-field) that is the energy that exudes from electrical wiring.

In most places, the energy exists at 60 Hz (Hertz) because of the AC (alternating current) streaming in the utility wiring.

Such emissions also take place at various different frequencies such as 50Hz in a few areas. These often come from devices like vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, fluorescent lights, and other electronic gadgets.

DE and EMF Side-Effects.

Some of the main side-effects of exposing yourself to DE and EMF include:

  • Fibromyalgia,
  • Chronic fatigue,
  • Lack of focus,
  • Confusion,
  • Diabetes,
  • Asthma.

Protection Measures against DE and EMF.

The best way to limit this type of exposure is to unplug or turn off devices as often as possible. This way your wiring will remain pure and unaffected by dirty electricity.

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This includes anything from chargers, alarms, mains connectors, to PCs, microwaves and hair dryers. Additionally, turn off all lights when possible.

In addition, switch off the dLAN network adapters at night because they also put RF signals on your mains wiring. These levels are lower than WLAN / WiFi signals but they can still affect people who are electrosensitive.

Plus in all your computer, TV and video equipment to a Mains Filter Socket Strip (that contains proper filters, not just surge protectors), thus preventing the spread of DE on to the house wiring.


To learn more about dirty electricity and its effects, you can research about Lloyd Burrell. He explains the effects of EMF and dirty electricity to perfection.

Since he had an accident with his cell phone in 2002 Lloyd has spent more than 10 years researching the effects of electromagnetic fields on health.

He is also the author of the eBook entitled “How to Beat Electrical Sensitivity” which offers a solution to the growing number of people whose health is at risk.

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