Reasons Why Daily EMF Protection Is a Must

Why is applying daily EMF protection a must?

EMF, or electromagnetic field, refers to a kind of energy that is present in every environment but cannot be seen with the naked eye. EMF exists naturally but can also be human-made.

It is emitted through devices like X-rays, mobile phones, microwaves, and broadcasting stations. The radiation produced by EMF creates more negative than positive effects on human beings. That is why daily EMF protection is essential for every household.

The Human Body

The human body makes use of electric signals to carry out its health-related tasks. Such tasks include breathing, sensory perception, and the functioning of the brain. Signals are transmitted through electromagnetic waves that move throughout the body.

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This movement categorizes human beings as electromagnetic individuals who can easily expose themselves to EMF dangers. The impact of EMF radiation depends on the frequency and strength of the device, causing it.

Effects of EMF Exposure

The body features specific EMF frequencies, which can be altered by diseases or unhealthy tissues. Exposure to EMF sources within the environment alters or weakens the body’s frequency. As a result, individuals start experiencing specific symptoms. Some of these are:

  • Frequent and chronic headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Tiredness and a general feeling of exhaustion even after resting
  • Insomnia – this often results from cell phone radiations placed next to the bed
  • Ringing ears or tinnitus which is common with severe hypersensitivity to electromagnetic waves
  • Brain fog accompanied by difficulty in remembering places, names, and events.
  • Recurring illnesses and infections
  • Palpitations and chest pain
  • Skin irritations

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These above EMF exposure symptoms result from the damage caused by radiation on the body. A large number of free radicals developed in the process destroy the body’s DNA. Other forms of contamination are:

  • Reduction in the number of red and white blood cells in the body resulting in decreased immunity.
  • Exposure of the central nervous system to harmful toxins.
  • Imbalanced hormonal levels due to an irregular bio-cycle.
  • Increased risk of developing cancer of the reproductive and neurological systems.

These effects emphasize the need for applying daily EMF protection measures set up in your environment. Some of the accessible sources of EMF radiation include internet routers, televisions, and cell phones.

The radiation process can take place immediately or over several years. Once exposed to EMF frequency, you start experiencing symptoms of ailments like fibromyalgia and cardiovascular disease.

There has always been a link between electromagnetic radiation and illnesses. As mentioned earlier, one of the significant EMF dangers is the development of certain types of cancer. Studies indicate that radiation from electromagnetic devices increases the possibility of developing brain cancer, brain tumors, and glioma.

How to Practice Daily EFM Protection?

The number one step towards applying daily EMF protection involves getting rid of the source of radiation. Due to the rapid advancement in technology, people are always surrounded by gadgets such as Bluetooth devices, computers, and microwaves.

The rampant use of these gadgets is a risk in itself because users don’t actually feel the electromagnetic emission taking place. Several cables and wires used in homes and offices generate dangerous EMF levels. You can protect yourself using the following:

1. EMF Neutralizing Devices

Several devices are available on the market today that can be used to shield you against EMF radiation to a certain percentage. Some of these include:

Mobile phone chips – these are tiny chips that attach to your phone to alter the EMF radiation your phone emits. They do not eliminate the radiation but minimize the effects considerably.

Neutralizers – these are also chips, composed of rare periodic elements. They are often used in electronic devices to diminish the level of electromagnetic radiation.

Diffusers – diffusers come in different formats. You can wear them on specific body parts, thus protecting yourself from harmful EMF radiation.

2. Time and Duration

Another way of preventing EMF exposure symptoms include reducing the amount of time you spend around the radiation sources. You cannot do without particular gadgets like computers and cell phones. It is thus advisable that you put some considerable distance between yourself and the object.

Do not keep any electronics in your bedroom at night, and make sure that you unplug the devices when not in use. Avoid carrying your phone in your pockets and always place it at a distance when not using it. Also, do not place computers, laptops, and tablets on your laps while working.

3.  Maintain a Proper Diet

To keep your body protected from EMF radiation, incorporate antioxidants within your diet. The food you eat plays a significant role in boosting your immunity – especially fruits and vegetables.

Focus on omega-3 abundant goods as well as those that are rich in selenium, vitamin C, Zinc, and Vitamin E. These nutrients are capable of shielding your body from any dangers posed by the harmful EMF radiation.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, we are almost dependent on gadgets that emit EMF. Of course, they may help our lives become a lot easier, but prolonged exposure can cause a severe health risk. Due to this, it is advisable you take precautions instead of waiting for the problem to solve itself.