How Can Courage Impact Our Mental Health?

courage boosts our emotional health

Did you know that courage boosts our emotional health?

The willingness to face any difficulties, commonly known as courage, is actually something that could greatly impact our mental health. There are many times that situations in our life require us to do something we deemed as uncomfortable, upsetting, distressing, provoking, or even scary. Yet, when we decided to act with courage, we find ourselves suddenly washed with relief.

How Courage Boosts Our Emotional Health?

Whether it is physical courage or mental courage, there are three ways to how courage boosts our emotional health:

1. Helps Build Confidence

Constantly prevailing over fear helps an individual develop an eagerness to face that fear easily, alongside other related fears. Doing this helps build up confidence, and the more confidence an individual develops, the stronger their “I-can-do-it” attitude would be, which is actually advantageous to the individual in general.

2. Tear Down Anxiety

Most anxiety disorders revolve around fear; and in order to overcome fear, one must gain courage. Some types of anxiety disorders require response prevention and exposure as their standard treatment; whereas the patients are also taught about coping skills while actually facing the situation. This way, they have to deal with the situation itself rather than retreat because it is a fear-inducing circumstance.

3. Make Neurological Connections

The way courage boosts our emotional health has a neurological basis. In particular, our brain may build up useless neuro-pathways as time passed through various experiences which may bring out negativity, and it can also increase the heart rate when facing a distressful event. The more the individual leans onto this neuro-pathway, the stronger it gets until it becomes uncontrollable. However, the less they lean onto this, the weaker it may get.

If the individual develops a positive response to a stressful circumstance, it will definitely help build up a healthy neuro-pathway. Therefore, every time an individual overcome their fear, they are actually making their healthy neuro-pathways stronger, while weakening the useless ones.

Always keep in mind that fear itself is a very stress-inducing experience. Thus, it is very necessary to know that with support, guidance, and a lot of hard work, individuals may be able to learn, grow, and prevail over these situations.

Ways to Allow Boost Courage

Courage boosts our emotional health and does so in various different ways. The following are suggestions that can help you control or minimize your fear through courage.

Carry it Out Ahead of Time

Are you scared to go out of your comfort zone because you don’t have confidence in yourself? Have to do something important? In any case, allocate time with your activities, so you can commit yourself ahead of time. This way you won’t feel the need to go back in your words, and you won’t have to waste your time either.

Do Not Overthink

Sometimes, people take back their word just because they are scared of what’s the consequence. Though. it is a natural response for people to go back because of the fear of rejection, the more you thought about it, the scarier it may seem. Emotional courage sometimes lacks; therefore, the more you wait, the lesser courage you’ll have when the day comes. One lesson on this: Do not overthink. The more you do, the more impossible the task may seem.

Think of the Positive Outcomes

When something brought out fear in us and we successfully overcome it, we eventually feel a rush of pride, confidence, determination, motivation, and empowerment immediately after the situation. Think about how great you will feel after all the fear-inducing situations come in your way, and you successfully thread your way past into it. With this thinking, it helps to decrease the reluctance you feel as well as increase the motivation you have for successfully completing your goal.

Dream about the Doors that Will Open for You

Usually, courage boosts our emotional health by helping us overcome a stressful situation. That is why being faced with new possibilities and new things to look forward to matters. Actually, a lot of doors may open for someone who managed to take over their fear as they already gain the courage to face it head-on. There’s nothing wrong about dreaming what you may achieve after overcoming something. In fact, it will help you boost your courage to finish the task at hand no matter what happens.

Final Thoughts

Mental Health is not something one could easily discard about; it’s something that also needs attention like any other aspect of health. Like for instance, there are studies that suggest that mental health can also be affected by EMF. And if you have a positive mental and physical well-being, including having enough courage, facing these issues will allow you to handle problems in the future. Thus, it’s easier for you to find solutions for EMF protection and any other health concerns.

In the end, strengthening your mental health can bring benefits to your own well-being. Having courage is one way to do it, and you’ll be surprised to see the results when you practice this every day.

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