Countries Fighting 5G Internet: Do We Really Need It?

countries fighting 5g

When smartphone manufacturers and network providers first introduced the 5G network technology, people were nonetheless curious. Initially, the main area of focus was on whether 5G could improve the network capacity introduced by 4G LTE. Of course, this network technology focuses more on faster internet connectivity as well as better call and text reception. However, nowadays, after laying out all facts in plain sight, we see more and more countries fighting 5G internet.

Sure, this raised a debate on whether governments worldwide should side or ban 5G for good. First, let’s begin with all countries fighting 5G as a modern-day connection tool.

Countries Fighting 5G Network

Countries Fighting 5G Network: Australia.

In August 2018, Australia, one of the Five Eyes groups, banned Huawei from setting up 5G technology in the country. However, Australia did not specifically mention Huawei in doing so.

According to the Australian government, companies under extrajudicial directions will not be able to set up 5G technology.

Countries Fighting 5G Network: New Zealand.

Back in November 2018, New Zealand followed Australia’s actions and became one of the many countries fighting 5G. In fact, the country’s Government Communications Security Bureau denied a request by Spark, a mobile carrier company, to use Huawei for its 5G network projects.

Countries Fighting 5G Network: Canada.

In addition to the rest, Canada felt the pressure of banning Huawei from providing 5G infrastructures altogether. According to the local media, the US has been discussing Huawei’s 5G technology with Canada, thus making it one of the listed countries fighting 5G in all its aspects.

In a letter written to Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Senators Marco Rubio and Mark Warner emphasized how Canada has a strong and steady telecommunications security safeguards. Still, such safeguards could be inadequate in handling the possible effects of Huawei’s 5G technology.

Countries Fighting 5G Network: Germany.

At the moment, Germany uses some of Huawei’s technology, but the company’s 5G infrastructure is yet to be decided. In addition, in November 2018, German officials convinced the government to exclude Chinese companies, including Huawei, from introducing the 5G. As a result, this campaign listed Germany as one of the countries fighting 5G together with their allies.

Countries Fighting 5G Network: Italy.

Aside from the others, the US has also shared its concerns over Huawei’s 5G technology to Italy. Similarly to Germany, Italy also currently uses Huawei’s products. Nevertheless, Italy has not decided yet whether to allow the 5G network or not.

Now, on to a more ‘welcoming’ list.

Countries Adopting the 5G Network.

The United States.

For the most part, the US has always represented a leader in technology innovation. From AI to expansion of better coverage in all corners of all fifty states, the US is all about acquiring the latesttechnological advancements.

However, with rumors about Huawei, a Chinese technology company, the US seems to have doubts about entirely adopting the 5G network.

Last year, the US has accused Huawei of being a spy for the Chinese government, followed by an order to ban Huawei smartphones on the US market. However, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) had already laid out their plans for expanding the country’s mobile network to 5G. Naturally, this means citizens can enjoy better coverage, better internet speed, and ultimately, better smartphone support.

Currently, the major players in the mobile communications network include AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. So far, all these have also created their strategies in rolling out 5G to their subscribers. In fact, they have already begun testing in 2017, thus looking to make a breakthrough as soon as the first 5G-capable phones arrive.


Despite allegations of seeing Huawei’s 5G technology as an espionage platform, the Ministry of Communications in Japan still wants to expand the country’s network to 5G. Now, given its benefits in communication and internet connectivity, this may result in 5G becoming a necessity for Japan. Even more, the Japanese government has partnered with major network players and manufacturers, thus formulating plans to support Japan’s expansion of the network. However, Japan also focuses on EMF protection plans and full coverage to all parts of the Japanese archipelago.

As of 2020, Japan will be one of the 5G internet using countries. In return, this will lead Japan to more innovations using the 5G network within their industry.


The main propagator of 5G, Huawei Inc., introduced the network by presenting their latest models, Huawei’s Mate 20 and P30. However, testing the technology had been delayed until 2020 due to Chinese government regulations. Among other issues, this also includes espionage speculations, thus adding more fuel to the opponents’ fire.

Nonetheless, they are very much welcoming of this technology to be introduced to the market. What is more, the country has been known to delay technologies, as seen with 4G LTE, introduced back in 2013. Interestingly, this makes almost three years after other countries have adopted the said network technology.

Countries fighting 5G: Conclusion.

Initially, the promise of automation, such as self-driving cars, the use of AI in robotics, and smarter industry machines has been looked upon by most European countries. Unfortunately, the urge to obtain this technology has somehow become a priority business-wide, despite countless countries fighting 5G and actively addressing its main disadvantages and faults.

So, what is to happen hereinafter, with many countries fighting 5G?

Well, from this viewpoint, there are only pain facts to discuss. Therefore, only time will tell. For the time being, it seems as though 5G is winning a massive battle where it counts the most. So, here, let’s discuss this a bit further. What do you think, is 5G a must in today’s society as we know it, or is it wiser to stick to the old ways?

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