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Cordless Phone Health Risks Get to know everything about them from Emf Shield

Our health is constantly under risk. We remain human beings; we keep being vulnerable and fragile to lots of circumstances, among them cordless phones. Just some years back, when analog cordless phones were the main deal, there was no big issue. Today, in the digital era, there’s quite much to worry about. With the birth of the digital, cordless phone health risks are more real than ever. The EMF from the cordless phones also affects the ecosystem.

Digital electronic cordless telephones (DECT) are now available, adding to the existing high-tech cordless phones. Recently, researchers have released lots of paperwork on cordless phone health risks. Their studies have concluded that a cordless phone is a risk factor for tumours and cancers. Moreover, cordless phones are more dangerous than cell phones.

Why? Because of the frequency of the pulse. The lower the frequency of the pulse, the stronger the health risks. DECT frequency’s pulse is 100 Hz, while that of a mobile phone is 217 Hz. Below, the text offers more insight concerning most of the cordless phone health risks.

What are those cordless phone health risks?

The type of risk your body health is exposed to when cordless phones are concerned are quite numerous and very diverse. About a decade ago, the Freiburger Appeal, was endorsed by over a thousand medical physicians in Germany. This appeal specified how human exposure to EMFs, in the vicinity of cordless phones (DECT) especially, triggers widespread illness. Sleeping disorders, body rhythms disorders, brain degenerative-disorders,

heart attacks and strokes, cancers, all those are potential cordless phone health risks. The risk can be classified as auditory, respiratory, cognitive, neurological and many others. Let’s talk more about these below.
A risk to your nerves.

The link between the wireless waves and negative impact on the central nervous system?

It might seem difficult to link and even understand how cordless phones are a risk to our nerves. Yet, the symptoms don’t lie. Lots of us have observed dizziness, nausea, fatigue and insomnia, upon exposure to our cordless phones. But we might not have paid attention to the cause, or simply decided to ignore. Henceforth, you need to consider microwaves radiations and EMFs emitted by our cordless phone or DECT. You might suffer from sudden colds or flu regardless of the weather at the moment. It could also be unexplained migraines; cordless phones health risks are identified in all of these.

Direct exposure to your mental well-being.

Your ears and head are always at the direct receiving end when using a cordless phone. The million electromagnetic waves bombarding your body upon this exposure is a huge risk to multiple mental diseases. Confusion, focus loss, learning disorders, attention deficit order, all these are likely to occur due to cordless phones or DECTs. Thus, if your memory seems impaired, the cordless phones in your life are a probable cause.

Your auditory senses are at risk.

When using a cordless phone, EMFs ringing to your ears is the first health risk entry point. Earaches and problems in maintaining your body balance, are at risk here. Tinnitus or acoustic neuroma is the pathologies to be most avoided. If you want to prevent this illness, start considering the influence of cordless phones in your routine.

Cardiovascular problems as well.

Each of us is aware of how much our heart is crucial to us. It’s obvious, when your heart functions abnormally, the feeling is distinct. The risk of being exposed to electrosensitivity because of cordless phones is no joke. When chest pains, unusual heart rate, fluctuating blood pressure and breathing patterns begin to manifest, start suspecting your cordless phones. The radiations emitted by the DECTs or cordless phones are a sure risk factor to those diseases.
Potential risk to respiratory syndromes.

You may not see how this may occur, or where it may come from. Yet, exposure to 900GHz or 1.8MHz from cordless phones is a sure risk to respiratory problems. It may be a cold or flu, to begin with. When this occurs you may refuse to accuse your DECT. But then cough, throat complications, sinusitis and even asthma suddenly arise, out of the blue. When this happens, you seriously need to consider how you use your cordless phone.

Ophthalmologic syndromes are likely to develop.

This is not going to happen very often. When your eyes start suffering, check out your daily routine. However, when out of a sudden, in a short time lapse, you develop eye problems, then consider your cordless phone. Exposure to microwaves or EMFs from the base station of your DECT or cordless phone can hurt your eyes. Changed vision, “tics” development in the eyelid, persistent burning eyes are some of the effects of the risk.

Cordless phones can get you emotionally sick.

It’s current to observe physical problems that come along with emotional ones. The physical cordless phone health risks equally have the chances to affect you emotionally. More to that, the radiations from cordless phones can affect your moods or change your outlook. From depression and anxiety, through anger and up to losing control, cordless phones or DECTs risk affecting you as such.

Risk of cancers is real with DECTs.

Sweden adds to the numerous countries that have studied and proven a link between cancers and DECTs. Swedish scientists have established the high chances of suffering from a malignant tumour or cancers, due to DECTs radiations. Cordless phones will equally do the same, even though with DECTs, you are greatly exposed. To avoid cancers (tumours), brain, ear, and blood most especially, be careful with your DECT or cordless phone.
Skin problems may occur.

Regular (constant) exposure or use of cordless phones or DECTs risk making you suffer from dermatological problems. But then, skin disorders are not easy to associate with electrosensitivity or EMFs radiations. Consequently, you need to monitor your daily routine with cordless phones and consult a physician. Severe acne, body rashes, irritation, swollen faces or blushes, have been reported by patients of electrosensitivity. The patients indicated their cordless phones or DECTs as one of the causes of these symptoms.

Other health risks due to cordless phones.

Haphazard symptoms can result in any body parts. It could be hair loss, brittle nails or irritating scalp, and even irregular menstrual cycles in women. These can all be established indications of your body reacting to microwaves radiation or electromagnetic frequency.

The list of the cordless phone health risks are non-exhaustive, as well as the health disorders that can result. Musculoskeletal complications, genito-urinary symptoms, gastrointestinal problems, bowel movements, susceptibility to infection, are the health disorders more likely to affect you.

Some tips to prevent and protect yourself.

 First and foremost don’t use cordless phones. If you possess them, switch to a corded landline phone. When you go for corded phones, chose the one that uses batteries, and not AC power (electricity). This is will limit exposure to electric and magnetic fields released by AC powered phones.

 When using the phone, keep the calls brief, and use the speaker mode or an air tube headset.

 Use an electromagnetic frequency shielding device.

 Always install and keep your cordless phone in premises less used by people. Avoid keeping it near your bed, and unplug the base station from the electrical outlet.

 Children are very much more sensitive to radiations. You need to keep them away from phones and prevent them from answering calls. Parents should avoid using DECT baby monitors.

 Your nutrition or diet could equally help. We recommend more asparagus, walnuts, cruciferous vegetables, cinnamon, dates, B-complex vitamins, holy basil, and omega-3 fatty acids.

 As for electrosensitivity products, the EMF Protection Technology 360 by QuanThor, is a must try. This link,, will offer you all the insight on the benefits of this product.

To that end, we all need to consider the products we use or purchase. Cordless phone health risks exist, but they can manage.

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