Cordless Phone Dangers | Know Everything about Them

Cordless Phone Dangers

If you don’t possess a phone or don’t use one, then you got to surely be an alien or magician. Who doesn’t use a phone in this era? This device is among the best inventions the world has never seen. Nowadays you got so many types of phones. So comfortable, and cost-effective, now they are even very smart. But then, there’s always a downside to every man-made device. Cordless Phone Dangers are for real.

Cordless phones are the phone type of interest here. If not all, most homes have a cordless phone, or a Digital Electronic Cordless Telephone (DECT). Whatever phone type you own, they share something in common, they emit electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). This means danger. Yes! They can harm you. So how does it happen? That’s what the next words are all about. Cordless phone dangers will have no secret for you after you read this.

What do you know about cordless phones and DECTs?

We believe you all know that phones transmit some sort of energy waves. At least most of you may have a clue of the overall functioning of phones. But did you know that the cordless and DECT phones emit electromagnetic radiation? The frequency of transmission of both is different. Simply said, they have different effects of radiations.

For cordless phones, some work approximately between 50 MHz or 90 MHz. Others will use up to about 900MHz, 1.7GHz, 1.9GHz, 2.4GHz, and even 5.8GHz. These values may be difficult for some of you to understand or grasp the impact. So let’s explain these values in other terms for you to better understand.

Acceptable ranges of waves of cordless phones for humans?

Normally, an entire healthy human body can accept exposure of radiations (EMF or radio frequencies) between 30-300 MHz. The World Health Organization classified devices emitting non-ionizing RF radiation between 30 kHz-300 GHz, as a human carcinogen. So, I guess you understand what those cordless phones emission values stand for. Imagine what constant exposure to a specific body part, like the ear in this cases, can do to your health?

So what’s it with DECT phones?

This is even more serious because they are far more aggressive the analog cordless phones. Their lowest emission frequency is around 1.8GHz, for a DECT phone. It keeps on emitting its radiation so far it’s plugged to electricity. The DECT phone’s earpiece radiations can reach a distance of up to 300meters from its base station.
So, we hope you are beginning to understand why cordless phone dangers come about. We will be more precise in the subsequent words, by giving some examples of a cordless phone danger

Cordless phone dangers are very much real

As you just read above, your cordless phone is a potential cancer cause. This has been proven in numerous studies, even though some debates exist. In Sweden, some cancer researchers have discovered solid associations between using cordless phones and malignant brain tumours. This is somehow logical. Your head (brain) and ear, are the most exposed part of your body. On plants and animals, it’s been a long time ago that the link was revealed. Honey bees have been proven several times to be harmed by the radiations of a cordless phone.

To the environment, it equally contributes to destroying the planet’s health. By emitting radiations that are harmful to plants and animals, it directly affects our ecosystem. Learning, concentration and behavioural disorders are symptoms we see more often nowadays. Heart attacks, strokes, heart rhythm disorders, brain-degenerative diseases, all of these are more frequent in the present days. All these disorders are among cordless phone dangers. Let’s get into more details.

Cordless phones; tumours and cancers.

A plethora of tumours/cancers could harm your brain and ears, by using or exposing yourself to cordless phones. Acoustic neuroma is a tumour reported to result from spending much time on your cordless phone. Some say there’s no agreed proof about this.

Yet, millions of microwave signals from the cordless base antennas easily pass through human flesh. Imagine the microwaves capable of flowing into your brain and ears when using cordless phones during chats. Thus, we recommend precautions, don’t take chances with your cordless phone.
Your sleep is impaired with cordless phones.

Sleep problems due to Cordless phones

Do you belong to that group of people who often make long night calls before sleeping? Or do you keep your cordless phones on, near your bed head? If you take part in one of those, sleeping is definitely not easy for you. Did you know why?

Among the answers, your cordless phone is one of them. Cordless phones, most especially DECTs emit radiations that will affect the hormones that promote your sleep. When the cordless phone has an artificial blue light, it doubles the effect. Not to talk about the phone’s vibration or beeping.

Nomophobia is real too

Have you heard of Nomophobia? This is a condition that has a tendency of increasing in this past years. It’s the fear of being or living without a phone. Lots of the 21st-century devices have turned us into addicts or slaves. Today, being without a cordless phone can make some of us feel unsecured, leading to conducting disorders. This can be observed most especially in adolescents or kids. Punishments using frequent deprivation of the home cordless phone, can trigger in them nomophobia and eventually conduct disorders.

Your cordless phone can hurt your heart.

This is a very strong debate, and it’s the source of lots of controversies. Besides, case studies do exist. The cases have revealed heart rate, arrhythmia, congenital heart diseases and coronary artery diseases, as cordless phone dangers. All these are severe heart conditions that can eventually lead to death.

Your blood is in danger with cordless phones.

Some studies have equally revealed that microwave radiations from cordless phones can harm human red blood cells. The radiations will cause the red blood cells to clump (agglutinate), making them sticky. Cordless phone dangers also weaken cell membranes and also leads to calcium leakage. In addition, it will lead to drastic blood pressure fluctuations.

Other Cordless phone dangers.

The list is non-exhaustive, new dangers are discovered each year, the more technology uses radiations. Eyesight problems, which can damage the eye or lead to cancers are also among the hazards. Male fertility has been long threatened by computer laptop waves, now cordless phones are part of the culprits. The microwaves emitted by cordless phones can decrease male fertility. Overall cordless phones radiations are capable of impairing your immune system.

What we recommend.

We are not here as bad news broadcasters. We aim at informing and keeping you one step ahead of most of the cordless phone dangers. So what do you need to do, to be on the safe side of these dangers?

 The best advice here will be to not use a cordless phone in the first place. If you want to defeat something, it’s sometimes better you don’t have to fight it at all. Cordless and DECT phones constantly emit radiations so far as they are plugged into electricity.

 If you are a lover of cordless (DECT) phones or must use them, then use the healthier ones. ECO DECT phones are an example. Their base stations don’t emit radio frequencies constantly.

 Keep your conversations short when using your cordless phones. This will cut your exposure to radiations.

 Avoid sleeping around or next to the base station of your DECT or cordless phone.

 Finally, if you are electrosensitive, we recommend a personal EMF Protection Energy Field Device. It’s expressly designed to protect and remove interference between your cordless phone and your body. For more details on the product, this link should be your next click.

At this point, you must have learned a new thing on cordless phone dangers. So, as Bill Gates once said, and we quote, “Treatment without prevention is simply unsustainable”. To keep your good health, keep out of danger.

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