Top Celebrities Who Use EFT Therapy  

The Emotional Freedom Technique is a complementary treatment method that helps cure emotional and physical pain. It is commonly known as “tapping” or acupuncture without the use of needles. This technique was established in 1993 by Gary Craig, a therapist who tried to find a solution for his patient’s anxiety. Today, it is available to everyone. Have you seen celebrities using EFT therapy? You will now!

EFT is a very effective method for eliminating one’s negative feelings and substituting them with positive ones. It works simply by tapping the acupuncture meridians. What’s great about this is that does not require any device that has harmful electromagnetic fields, thus needing EMF protection. Instead, all you have to do is tap while you release all the negativities in yourself.

How do you do this?

Well, the method requires you to speak about your problem or your negative feeling. This may seem a bit strange as you are required to say how you exactly feel and not what you want to feel.

The process goes this way: first, you have to press the EFT tapping point with your one or two fingers. Next, you have to say something about what you truly feel or any negative feeling you want to clear out. For instance, you are afraid of speaking in front of the crowd. You shall say, “Even though I dislike talking with many people, I wholeheartedly accept this anyway”.

The statement has to be spoken three times. This process actually pinpoints the feeling of fear. The machine will then rate the amount of fear you have from 1-10. Repeat the method of tapping and vocalizing your feelings until the rate of your fear goes zero. Indeed, this process does not teach everyone self-control. It rather helps you let go of emotions and allow your body to feel free.

This self-help method has proven to be powerfully effective over the years. In fact, there are many celebrities using EFT therapy and praise it publicly. EFT is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and depending on the issue.

You might still doubt and question yourself: does EFT work?

Celebrities Using EFT Therapy to This Day
  1. Duchess of Cornwall

In her biography, The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles, once wrote that she used EFT in order to overcome her anxiety when flying. She’s one of the first celebrities using EFT therapy and speaking of it. In one of the news published by The Express, UK, the Duchess taps to combat her fear of flying. The EFT is said to be of a huge help on her duties as a royalty, especially when she needs to go abroad for the country.

  1. Lily Allen

The “Smile” singer, Lily Allen, is one of the celebrities using EFT therapy regularly. To her, it was a method that helped her combat her chocolate addiction. She has done a lot to curb his chocolate cravings such as dieting, aversion therapy, hypnotherapy, and even sniffing vanilla. Unfortunately, none of those work until she discovered EFT.

According to her, she was skeptical about doing the method. However, with a single session, her chocolate addiction went away. Now, Lily seemed to like her body. In a Dior show in Paris, she revealed that “tapping” therapy helped her achieve such a body goal.

  1. Michael Ball

Michael Ball, a singer known for his acts in Les Miserables and Hairspray, is using the EFT method to overcome panic attacks. He said that his panic attacks started on stage during his Les Miserables days. Speaking about his stage anxiety, he revealed that he did not talk to anyone about it, considering it a mistake.

To help himself, he learned the tapping technique through fellow singer Stephen Gately from Boyzone. In a day time chat show online, he showed the viewers how he uses the technique to overcome his anxiety.

  1. Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg, both actress and comedian, has demonstrated in an American television show how she utilized EFT tapping to overcome her fear of flying. In the same show, she said that she has been using the method for so many years to also cure her other anxieties. Now, in every show, or whenever she needs to fly abroad, she does not have to worry anymore.

  1. Naomi Harris

Naomi Harris, movie and theater actress, also taps to calm her nerves. Harris uses the method before she begins filming a particular movie or preparing a heavy scene. In an interview, she said that before she discovered EFT, she hates her job because of her nerves. Thankfully, a new method such as EFT has been discovered and does really help her a lot.


Now that we had EFT debunked, we can clearly see how it has truly dominated the world. As the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding”. You have just seen how this amazing method changes the lives of our dear celebrities. Such evidence is enough already that the method really does the work.

Truly, fears and other negative emotions are only in our brains. They affect our day-to-day lives and it’s up to us on how we would overcome them. If there’s some feeling you want to rewire, you may want to consider trying the EFT method.

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