5 Ways to Use Gratitude and Improve Your Business

Business gratitude

How important is business gratitude? Many people settle for a job they don’t like as long as the salary seals the deal. That is why they are likely to be more stressed in a fast-paced working environment, particularly in the corporate world. Add in the negative feedback they receive after working so hard on a given task. These eventually push employees to leave.

If you own a company or run a business, keep in mind that a high salary is not enough to make people stay, but gratitude can and does. A simple gesture of business gratitude can make an immense difference.

5 Ways Business Gratitude Can Help You Grow as a Businessman 

  • Gratitude Can Make People Stay

In several respects, conveying gratitude is similar to rendering feedback. The only difference is that it’s easier to make. It constructs our own core resilience and empowers those that surround us. To fully see how powerful business gratitude is, consider this expressing gratitude example:

A team is working on a huge project, and the manager assigns everyone their tasks and emphasizes a strict compliance with the standard quality and deadline. Other members are able to receive positive feedback. However, employees X and Y, at that time, have burdens outside work and are not able to deliver the desired results at the expected time. The manager then scolds them and gives negative feedback for their performance at that project. X and Y, feeling down and unappreciated for their great contributions over the past years, leaves the company.

The loss of two valued employees could have been avoided had the manager only talked to them calmly and practiced gratitude in the workplace. If you are a business owner, it’s better to talk to your employees about their poor performance, give constructive criticism, and emphasize your appreciation for their contributions to the previous projects. It pays to practice business gratitude.

  • Gratitude Motivates Workers

Who would be motivated to go to a workplace where your efforts are not appreciated. If you want to build a community of loyal employees, you must know the importance of gratitude in business.

Several gratitude quotes promoting the practice are backed by real accounts of business employers. In an article published in Forbes,  CEO Camille Preston shared her experience of reaching out and expressing gratitude to teammates who were disengaging or lagging behind. Compared to giving negative feedback, expressing gratitude in business resulted in greater engagement and trust, better retention, and high-quality work.

  • Gratitude Can Make the Workplace a Better Place

One of the reasons employees resign from work is that they can’t thrive in a toxic working environment. No one can. If you are a manager, you know that conducting seminars and other personality development training enforcing the act of business gratitude can make your workplace a better place.

Imagine working in a company where not only your boss but everyone you work with appreciates everything you do. Psychologically speaking, the more people feel appreciated, the stronger the drive to give their best in everything is. Gratitude for business is a culture that must be cultivated, however. The bigger your company is, the more difficult it will be to introduce and monitor this culture. If you want your employees to practice it, you must lead by example.

  • Gratitude Contributes to the Employees’ Health and Well-Being

According to several studies, a healthy mind equates to a better professional performance.  An energized and unstressed individual is more equipped to think creatively, deal with problems, work productively, and handle myriad trials they might face on a daily basis. How can you promote mental health among your employees?

The best way to do it is to conduct monthly training. However, it also pays to practice business gratitude. Building a community where people care and support each other is good for your employees’ mental health.

  • Gratitude Inspires Others

As the adage goes, “You reap what you sow.” If you often stress about work, you risk losing valuable employees and clients. With that, you lose opportunities which may even go unnoticed. If this is the attitude you display to those around you, don’t be surprised when they project the same attitude. Always aspire to inspire productivity, loyalty, positivity, and, more importantly, gratitude.

Can Gratitude Solve Problems of Workplace Engagement?

Workplace engagement problems have been ubiquitous in every working environment. In fact, every year, it leads to an estimated $11 billion loss due to high employee turnover. Employees leave because they don’t feel engaged. Moreover, they can’t stay in a place where there is a lack of recognition. Continuous disengagement and shortage or complete absence of gratitude can negatively affect your business.

This said it’s important that you keep on challenging your employees. Also, avoid making them feel undervalued and underappreciated. Commend them for the good work they do. And when they commit minor mistakes, choose to motivate and not reprimand.

Remember that your employees are as important as your customers. It only takes a second to express gratitude, but the benefits you reap can last for a long time. Choose to be a model employer.

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