How Forgiveness Becomes a Key Tool in Business Success

Business Forgiveness

Compassion and business forgiveness should be practiced to help create a positive working environment. Business forgiveness does not only improve one’s well-being, but it also shows respect to others.

Carrying a grudge at work is like carrying a poison in you. You tend to spread negativity among your colleagues, and it usually results in a toxic environment.

Working in a corporate world may be overwhelming. Aside from stress-inducing responsibilities, you also have to deal with different personalities and work attitude, and more often than not, that is where conflict arises. Conflict among colleagues may result to stress, health problems, and poor productivity which can lead to the failure of the company.

11 Reasons to Practice Business Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one character trait that is least understood in the business world. Oftentimes, forgiveness in the workplace is perceived as being weak that is why some people are having a hard time embracing it.

A successful business relies on how well the leader and its people work together despite a stressful environment. A great leader must know that mistakes happen and forgiveness in organizations should be encouraged among the workers.

In this section, we have listed 11 reasons on why you should practice business forgiveness.

  • Forgiveness means less stress

A study in 2016 by Luther College in Canada states that “forgiveness is associated with less stress and promotes better mental health” (Toussaint, L.L., Shields, G.S. & Slavich, G.M. ann. behav. med. 2016). Those who forgive are less likely to struggle with their emotions. They are less anxious and depressed and are much happier.

  • Forgiveness gives you the chance to recover

As problems arise, our minds become clouded; hence, we lose the ability to focus. Forgiveness in business gives us the chance to recover both physically and mentally. It helps us to feel lighter and better.

  • Forgiveness awakens greater compassion and capabilities

Through forgiveness, we acquire the opportunities for failures, mistakes, and flaws. These can later serve as an opportunity to awaken compassion. In addition, forgiveness helps mold leadership capabilities among ourselves and our colleagues.

  • Forgiveness promotes harmonious workplace

Compassion and forgiveness in the workplace provide healing and harmony. It gives us a place wherein we can freely express our ideas and creativity and feel appreciated.

  • Forgiveness fosters risk-taking

A work environment that masters forgiveness allows each one of us to take a risk and commit mistakes without the fear of being judged or criticized.

  • Forgiveness builds accountability

Yes, forgiveness gives us the chance to be mature enough to be accountable for all our actions.

  • Forgiveness promotes trust

For a business to become successful, trust is important. Practicing compassion and forgiveness in the workplace not only builds connection but also trust among co-workers.

  • Forgiveness is beneficial for you to move on

The importance of forgiveness in leadership is that it allows you to put down the burden you are carrying. Forgiveness helps you to move forward, instead of dwelling on the past. 

  • Forgiveness helps you grow

Once you master the art of forgiveness, you allow yourself to grow and gives you time to think of happy thoughts and become more productive.

  • Forgiveness is not just an action, but also an outcome

When you practice forgiveness, you release negative mindset and use it as a determination to think of future possibilities.

  • Forgiveness does not make you weak

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

This popular saying only means that the act of forgiveness does not make you weak. Instead, it only shows that you are strong enough to find peace and let go of those resentments.

Errors and failures are inevitable, most especially in the corporate world, and if no solution comes up, a company failure is likely to happen. These failures should not urge you for revenge. Instead, use them to grow not only as a person but as a great leader as well.

A great leader plays a big role in fostering business forgiveness. He or she should know how to let go of anger and should know the art of forgiveness and reconciliation.

  1. A leader acknowledges injustice, trauma, and harm that his or her staffers have experienced. Through that, it defines this hurtful event as an opportunity to move forward.
  2. Aside from forgiveness, a leader provides support by using virtuous languages like compassion and humility. This demonstrates remorse and restores compromised trust. 
  3. A great leader sees the mistakes as a valuable experience and forgiveness provides an opportunity to grow closer in your company as a family.

As the popular saying goes, “To err is human, to forgive is divine.” Here, the lesson of forgiveness encourages business owners to face stressful events healthily.

In order to maintain a harmonious workplace, forgiveness usually starts with you. Therefore, learning to own up your mistakes and forgiving yourself first is crucial. In addition, it makes it easier to forgive others for their wrongdoings.

Forgiveness is not easy, and it will never be easy. In fact, it is a long journey, involving phases of anger, grief, acceptance, and peace. Finally, a great leader always finds opportunities in every failure. With that, fostering forgiveness in your work helps create a positive and a successful business culture.

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