5 Types of Brain Waves and the Schumann Resonance

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As wondrous as it may seem, the Earth has a rhythm that plays an important role the governing and developing the evolution of life. The brain exhibits electromagnetic patterns that are linked to a certain state of mind. All brainwaves types operate on similar frequencies like the one that Earth produces. The Schumann Resonance spike in power, and we feel its effect.

Research has shown that when a person’s brain resonates to that of Schumann resonance, it has the effect of improving their physical health and increasing their immune protection. This explains why you may feel happier and peaceful when out in nature. Our body easily tunes in to the Earth’s frequency.

How the Earth Influences Your Brain Waves

The Earth is made up of different atmospheres, one of them being the ionosphere. This atmosphere is responsible for auroras like the northern lights, and it is also where you can find the Schumann Resonance. The theory of the Schumann Resonance was documented by a German physicist, Winfried Otto Schumann 1952. He determined that the frequency of the Earth’s heartbeat (Schumann Resonance) is at 7.83 Hz.

What’s interesting is the fact that Schumann Resonance frequency (7.83 Hz), falls between the alpha brainwave and the theta brainwave. Among the five types of brain waves, the alpha brain wave is in the middle and is associated with relaxation. It is no wonder that this frequency helps us feel relaxed and facilitate a state of consciousness and open intuitive learning.

In his theory, Lewis B. Hainsworth suggests that human health links to the geophysical framework, via extremely low Schumann frequencies. He concluded that the frequencies of the naturally occurring electromagnetic signals determined the frequencies of operation of the brain waves earth magnetic field. However, there has been Schumann Resonance spike occurring from time to time, thus affecting the earth’s geomagnetic field.

The Brain’s Frequency

According to various scientific studies, in order for one to be physically and psychologically healthy, their brain waves need to vibrate at a pulse of 7.83 Hz. Take for instance the frequencies that surround our brain every day from things such as wifi, mobiles, microwaves, and other electronic appliances. All these Electromagnetic frequencies are different and can mask off the natural benefits of the Earth’s frequency. Due to this, we are likely to feel fatigued, stressed, and out of balance. What’s more, these other frequencies are linked to depression, cancer, and insomnia.

According to some studies, the increase of the Schumann Resonances is likely to tune the brain and make it more open and efficient. As the Earth pauses at different frequencies, it entrains the resonant frequency of the human brain, heart, and mind. As a result, everything we do is within the entraining energies produced by the Schumann Resonances.

When we are in tune with the natural Earth frequencies, we feel peaceful, conscious, as well as more balanced and centered.

5 Brainwaves Types

So, you may be wondering what the brain waves are. Well, brain waves are a measure of the brain’s activity. There are five brainwaves types that perform specific tasks and mental state, and each brainwave has a normal frequency range in which they operate.

They include:

  • Gamma Waves 

These waves are mostly experienced when the brain is learning new information, storing memories or during sharp concentration. Gamma waves usually associate with a higher mental activity, peak focus, insight, and expanded consciousness.

  • Beta Waves

Beta waves are generated when we are out in society and need to concentrate on hard tasks like writing, reading, and socializing. These waves have to do with busy thinking, active concentration, cognition, and active processing. However, one of the drawbacks of beta waves is that they can reduce creativity and emotional awareness.

  • Alpha Wave 

Our minds experience this wave when shifting from an active to a relaxed state. The brain is usually in a calm yet alert state. The brain is likely to be in this state when you relax on your bed, when reading a good book, or daydreaming.

However, the brain may experience “alpha blocking” where it has trouble shifting from beta waves to alpha waves. When this happens, you could suffer from anxiety, insomnia, or obsessive-compulsive symptoms.

  • Theta Waves

Once you get home and fall asleep, you experience theta waves. These waves associate with dreaming and deep meditation.

  • Delta Waves

These waves are associated with deep slumber that is dreamless. Also, in this state, there is a loss of body awareness.

Each type of brain wave performs a specific task and controls the various state of consciousness. Although the waves work simultaneously, there are brain waves that are more predominant than others. The alpha brain waves have the highest amplitude because they determine your current state of mind.

Additionally, each type of brain wave has a normal frequency (Hz) in which it operates at. For instance, the frequency range for Gamma waves is >40 Hz, Beta 13-39 Hz, Alpha 7-13 Hz, Theta 4-7 Hz and Delta <4 Hz.

The brain waves of a healthy brain will operate within these normal ranges. The brainwave also has an amplitude (uV). This one establishes the brian’s strength, in order to know your active state of mind. The brain wave that is more active will have the highest amplitude.

How to Manipulate All Brainwaves Types

Now that you know the different brainwaves types, you may be wondering how to change them. Many experts believe that one way to manipulate all brainwaves types, and feel less stressed is through meditation.

According to Leigh Winter, a neuroscientist, regular meditation helps to increase the alpha activity and decrease beta during waking states. Meditation also enhances gamma wave state.

Another effective tip is listening to binaural beats as they enhance specific brainwave states.


According to various hypotheses, the increasing frequency of Schumann Resonance has an effect on the body and mind. With all vibration frequencies from electronic devices today, we definitely live out of tune with nature. As a result, this leads to diseases like cancer and causes stress in our lives. However, it is possible to actively tune into natures frequency and live a fulfilling life. Therrfore, don’t hesitate to learn more on brainwaves types and how the Schumann Resonance makes you a healthier person. 

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