How Can WiFi Affect Brain Function?

According to recent studies on the brain, there are many brain side-effects of WiFi and EMF. Many of these negative effects have been found in the polarized electromagnetic frequencies in WiFi radio waves that are deteriorative to the brain.

As Wi-Fi connectivity is a staple internet channel worldwide, the chances of neuro-cellular degeneration are high. Because of that, we have to closely look at all brain side-effects of WiFi and EMF on the brain.

Although it has not been scientifically concluded, researches indicated the negative effects of polarized EMF via WiFi. The exposure of the brain to EMF, on a laboratory study of rats exposed to regular WiFi frequencies (2.45 GHz), shows an increase in oxidative stress index on brain cells compared to the rest of the body.

What Causes Brain Side-Effects of WiFi and EMF Exposure?

As more households are relying on machines and devices powered with electricity, the body’s probability to absorb EMF is high. EMF causes shifts or alterations at the cellular level.

Regarding WiFi connectivity, the EMF produced in its RF has can elevate the oxidative stress levels. It also reduces the glutathione peroxidase activity in the brain, and the levels of vitamins A, E, beta carotene, and glutathione. All of these are relevant to keeping a healthy brain development. Oxidative stress inflames the brain and can impair several functions, such as:

It Alters Cognitive Functions

Several studies on the brain side-effects of WiFi and EMF exposure indicate a true threat to the nervous system. WiFi‘s RF frequencies have shown to reduce cognitive functions. Its Electromagnetic Radiation, at the usual 2.45 GHz levels, can cause structural changes in the cerebellum, brain stem, and the frontal cortex. As a result, this can lead to loss of brain functions and increased risks of neuro-generative disease.

The brain side-effects of WiFi and EMF exposure also include:

  • Loss of focus,
  • Disrupted learning capacity
  • Deteriorated mental functions.

However, we can’t only blame technology. Prolonged use of cellular phones and wireless devices also contribute to the degeneration of brain cells. Nonetheless, the amount of frequency in these devices has a significant contribution to the possible brain impairment but not as much as a typical WiFi connection (when measured at MHz, and WiFi produces 2,450 MHz) that produces more than other EMF-radiating devices. 

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It Decreases Hormonal Secretion

The biochemical aspect of decreased brain functions is related to the decrease of the total antioxidative capacity levels in the brain. The antioxidants referred to researches were that of Vitamins A, C, E, and beta carotene. Although EMF has its significant effects on other hormone-producing body organs, the brain’s hormonal sector isn’t much affected by the exposure. However, the carcinogenic appeal of EMF in WiFi may include deleterious effects in pituitary glands, alongside its axis glands of hypothalamus and thyroid.

If hormonal secretions are decreased, catalysis of normal body functions will decrease. In the brain complex system, the pituitary and the hypothalamus have played significant roles in maintaining normal brain functions. Reduced activity and impairment may cause degeneration of the brain and incapacitate the whole body systems.

It Affects Normal Body Cycles

It is always hard to tell on a microcellular scale as to how much damage RF from WiFi can degenerate brain cells or destroy them altogether. However, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) suggests EMF as carcinogenic and can lead to possible yet adverse health issues in the body.

The greatest association of brain impairment caused by WiFi RF is the use of cellular phones. It can never be denied that most users access the internet today on their mobile phones. However, it also aggravates the situation, given that these devices emit their own EMF levels. Added with the RF from WiFi and mobile phones, it could pose a dangerous environment, especially when someone is extremely near in proximity to the RF source.

The California Department of Public Health has issued several guidelines on using phones to reduce RF exposure. Added to these public health warnings, the NIH also conducted a study on the microRNA structures. This study may hold the key to how EMF affects the cells at the molecular levels.


Aside from the damages of WiFi and phone use, consider other threatening devices that use wireless internet. The number of studies conducted affirms the adverse effect of WiFi on the brain is on the rise. With that, educating yourself on how to properly shield from WiFi and EMF exposure is essential.

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