Do Bluetooth Speakers Really Threaten Your Health?

Bluetooth speakers

Many truly enjoy the sound Bluetooth speakers deliver, right? Bluetooth speakers really make it convenient in terms of quality sound and alleviated use, But, what you should also know is that Bluetooth speakers can also show adverse effects on your health. As a matter of fact, do you know anything about Bluetooth speakers being bad for your health?

Well, if not, let’s shed some light on the topic, shall we? Read on below to learn if and how Bluetooth speakers

How Bluetooth speakers work?

Although there is a variety of Bluetooth speakers in terms of size and shape, all function the same way. As a wireless technology, the Bluetooth permits two devices to connect to each other without any wire or cable. The Bluetooth speaker receives a digital signal from your device, either a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. The speaker will then use its built-in amplifier and speakers to produce a playback. The built-in amplifier offers a better sound quality compared to that of the tiny built-in speakers in your phone.

Talking about the actual use of these speakers, you need to always stick to the minimum recommended volume. This is to avoid any negative effect on your ears. Portable speakers are definitely one of the major reasons for noise pollution nowadays. Also, other than this fact, people prefer turning the bass up to the highest decibel. This is not advisable since it causes serious damage to the ears, especially in seniors and juniors.

Are Bluetooth speakers bad for the health?

This issue of health and Bluetooth has received much research and studies, but still, no unanimous statement about this exits. On one side, you have the big manufacturing companies who will never go against their product. On the other side, you have customers who are super happy about the device’s features. Then there’s government authorities and the WHO which don’t really seem to pick a side. All this leads to a difficult conclusion concerning the dangers of Bluetooth radiation exposure.

Even so, many types of Bluetooth devices and especially speakers used publicly, are dangerous to human health. This especially holds for children younger than 5, elderly older than 60. The speaker vibrations are extremely harmful, and children and old people are extremely vulnerable to them. We can witness such cases on occasions like public gatherings, marriages, festivals, and more. In addition to this, studies have proven that prolonged use of these speakers leads to fatigue, stress, restlessness, irritation, and others. In some cases, further exposure may result in further health complications. Having this in mind, always make sure to use Bluetooth devices with caution and as recommended.  This especially refers to public places, where we tend to forget that Bluetooth takes their toll as well.

Thus to sum it up,  Bluetooth radiations is not all-the-way safe for our health. Presently, with sound pollution reaching record levels, it’s crucial to take responsibility and limit Bluetooth speakers pollution effects. Choose smartly, use wisely and remember- nothing matters more than your health.

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