Are Bluetooth Headsets Dangerous To Your Health?

Bluetooth headsets dangers

Health dangers are always among our ‘‘keep out’’ list. We all try to avoid exposing our health to any danger. Keeping that in mind, let’s discuss the many Bluetooth headsets dangers that affect your health. Below, we offer insights into the different Bluetooth headset dangers and risks you should keep an eye on.

Read on, learn, take notes, and apply thereon.

Let’s share a brief definition; Bluetooth headset.

A Bluetooth headset is a wireless device that enables a connection to a user’s cell phone via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth radiation is a kind of microwave radiation transmitting pulses very promptly. Given its intensity, this radiation can penetrate in human tissues really quickly and may affect the Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA).

Bluetooth headsets dangers – fact or scam?

According to studies, there are many Bluetooth headsets dangers if you don’t use your set properly. And while many are sure Bluetooth headsets dangers exist, others still remain skeptical. But, the fact is there are many serious cases to consider. Let’s explain further.

An EMF and fertility study proved there are numerous Bluetooth headset dangers stemming from using them excessively. This is especially true if you are using a headset and keep your cell phone nearby. As you know, headset radiations are of extremely high intensity. Here, the device proximity to our most sensitive organs of the body makes it dangerous. Also, these EMF radiations further affect the brain and eyes. Research states that Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) through Bluetooth headsets is minimal. However, the prolonged use of these is a sure cause of many health issues.

Also, Bluetooth and microwave ovens emit exactly the same frequency of radiation, except for the power part. The only difference is that unlike the Microwave, the proximity of Bluetooth is what matters the most. The Bluetooth headset is right near your brain and that’s where the problem is. Although you do not directly feel the radiations of Bluetooth, they are still affecting your health. Also, studies show that people suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) have a very poor immunity against EMF. This can, therefore, cause brain tumors and male infertility issues, all from using Bluetooth headsets wrongfully.

Avoiding the negative effects of a Bluetooth headset.

According to some Tech experts, the best escape to these hazards is to switch to the speakerphone. This ensures a safe distance from your device thus cutting down on the subsequent harmful effects. Also, another alternative to this is by using Airtube headphones. This is because they do not have wireless components. They use hollow tubes thus conducting noise with the support of sound waves.

As the saying goes, “a stitch in time saves nine”. We all need to consider learning more on the very real and serious Bluetooth headsets dangers.