How Health-Threatening are Bluetooth Headphones?

Bluetooth headphones health risks

Our planet has come a long way from great inventions. From Alexander G Bell’s telephone invention to the computer, and now the internet. In the 21st century today, Smartphones, the Wi-Fi, the Bluetooth, have all confined the world into our fists. The Bluetooth is where our interest lies. This alternative to cable wires has added convenience to our lives. Take headphones for example. Here, the logical question is, are Bluetooth headphones health risks for real? We provide some answers to that question as you will read along.

Bluetooth headphones defined.

It is a communication device possible to use to devoid physical wires. This technology works via radio waves, eliminating the possibilities of entangled wires and alleviating everyday life. Nowadays, Bluetooth headphones find their use in a plethora of Hi-tech gadgets, smartphones, laptops, speakers and more. It works by pairing these devices with itself or between them.

Bluetooth headphones health risks – myth or fact?

Various studies and researches have concluded that Bluetooth Headphones health risks are lower than in cell phones. Smartphones emit Radiofrequency (RF) radiations, thus having adverse health effects. On the contrary, Bluetooth headphones emit wireless microwave radiation. Their wavelengths are shorter and have a rapid rate of oscillation. This enables them to break through living tissues to the cellular level. This can really be detrimental to your health, leading to immunity problems, cancers, skin disorders and so on.

Conclusions from these studies have exposed short microwave radiations can lead to health hazards through wireless communication. Some of the short-term side effects are ear pain due to the weight and discomfort of the device. A partial or complete hearing loss may also occur, depending on the volume of decibels the individual will set.

Nonetheless, having in mind the possible Bluetooth headphones health risks, you cannot omit the fact that has its own advantages. The apparent benefit is safe driving. The Bluetooth headphone prevents the usage of the cell phone while driving. This allows you to have a fixed vision on the road and both hands-free to direct the steering appropriately.

Some serious Bluetooth headphones health risks

Brain cancer, leukemia and low immunity are those diseases that may occur due to continuous use of Bluetooth headphones. As a matter of fact, these microwave radiations disturb the regular cell functioning and natural transmission of energy. This is what can cause numerous diseases. Ranging from minor headaches and neck pains to major hair loss, birth defects, and miscarriage. Moreover, excess electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure leads to calcium leakage into cells, thus making them hypersensitive. This can result in abnormal mental activity and loss of concentration. In children, we should absolutely keep them away from their exposure. The adverse effects of Bluetooth headphones will primarily affect their brain development.

To sum up, Bluetooth headphones are clearly much safer than cellphones and a very convenient mode of communication. But then, we need to limit their usage and avoid addictions at the cost of our health. Taking advantage of this incredible Bluetooth technology should not impair our health or lives.

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