Are Bluetooth Headphones A Health Risk?

bluetooth headphones

Did you ever imagine your Bluetooth headphones could be harmful? Have you ever thought of the health risk?

Well if you didn’t, you’re surely not the only one. Many are unaware or don’t care, about this aspect of Bluetooth headphones.  After all, the device comes with tremendous value. Yet, our mission in this article is to try to change that unawareness.

Let’s offer you some essential insight into the possible health risks related to Bluetooth Headphones.

Bluetooth headphones Tech.

The first image that pops up your head when thinking of the Bluetooth headphone is surely a wireless device. That’s normal and absolutely correct. The Bluetooth headphone actually cuts the cord by establishing a wireless connection between two devices that share some data. The data transfer rate is slightly slow by Bluetooth, as it uses low power radio waves during the process. Bluetooth devices generally belong to 3 categories, which are –

  • The 1st class: usually used by industries as it has a range of 100m.
  • The 2nd class: generally used by Bluetooth devices and headphones as it has a range of about 10m.
  • The 3rd class: hardly used due to an extremely low range of up to 1m.
Bluetooth Headphones, how do they work?

Bluetooth Headphones connect wirelessly with a little help from Bluetooth Technology. They belong to the 2nd category of Bluetooth devices. Additionally, these are very simple and easy to use. They allow you to have a phone call, listen to the radio or music, by solely tapping over the device headphones. No more hassles from wired devices. Obviously, technology offers some good advantages. Yet, like so many other devices before this one, downsides are linked to them. As you read below, we expose the possible health risk of Bluetooth Headphones.

Bluetooth Headphones as Risk to health

What has driven the health risk concern of Bluetooth headphones is its emission of wireless microwave radiation. Short wavelength and fast oscillation nature, microwave frequencies are adept at penetrating living tissue, down to the cellular level.

Studies have revealed that this wireless technology sends out Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs). Our heads act as a good conductor to waves. Also, the human head perfectly catches EMFs and radiations. Consecutively, exposure to these waves/EMFs to our brain causes certain disorders in the brain. Imagine what this could eventually lead to? Well, headaches, brain tumors, cancers, miscarriages, Alzheimer, are only a few conditions stemming for this exposure.

Mostly, our ears and eyes suffer the most from this microwave radiation and EMFs. Even more, studies often link Bluetooth Headphones to disorders as blindness, deafness, skin rashes, and neck pains.

A note

Ultimately, all these disorders don’t unanimously associate with Bluetooth Headphones use. Yet, the risk is real and remains. All these listed disorders (and more) may harm you if you push too hard on Bluetooth Headphone use. However, the good news is, you can dodge these possible health risk by lessening your usage time of the device.

In any event, it’s preferable you take precautions when it comes to using Bluetooth Headphones.