How Bluetooth Exposure Affects Your Health?

Bluetooth exposure

What comes to your mind when you hear Bluetooth? Convenience or concern? “Smart” devices or “Sick” devices? Well, regardless of your definition of Bluetooth, there are many health concerns which arise from lasting Bluetooth exposure. In this article, we will share with you some health effects which may occur due to extensive Bluetooth exposure.

Knowing Bluetooth Technology

The Bluetooth technology offers the possibility to connect with each multiple devices without using wires. Bluetooth operates in 2.4GHz frequency similar to that on which the Wi-Fi operates.

The Bluetooth was traditionally made for the phones, empowering them to exchange data at a wireless distance. For example, it ensures the hands-free phone operation when talking or pairing to another device. Yet, due to the technological uprising, the Bluetooth became very popular among users. As a result, many tech companies launched many related devices like speakers, headphones, earphones and so on.

How it communicates to the compatible devices?

It just takes a simple tap to enable the Bluetooth. This wireless technology transmits signals over short distances through radio frequency fields. Bluetooth thus simplifies the process of communication and synchronization between devices. It uses a network called piconets, which enables the connection of up to 7 other devices at the same time.

Bluetooth exposure – A negative or positive health effect?

Bluetooth is a low-powered form of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, making it cell phone radiation far more dangerous. Thus, Bluetooth generally is not harmful to our health. That being said, some Bluetooth devices have been labeled as more harmful than safe. For instance, studies proved that Bluetooth speakers are not as harmful as Bluetooth headsets. One of the reasons for this is radio frequency (RF) emission or the power emitted by these two devices.

There are lots of devices which belong to the Bluetooth family. Out of them all, headsets make the top of the list as most threatening to our health. In fact, Bluetooth headsets emit powerful negative radiations. Also, we often place our cell phones in our pockets with the headset plugged in and affecting the brain. These combined together can be extremely harmful, since both gadgets are extremely close to sensitive body organs. When the Bluetooth on the device is ‘on,’ it starts to send the harmful Electromagnetic frequencies to our bodies.

Final thoughts

The Bluetooth throws out the EMF waves which shows the adverse effect on our bodies. The harmful waves cause disruption and interruption of the electrochemical signals our body receives. Many filed cases in hospitals also show an unusual drastic effect in the brains and nervous system of people.

Bluetooth printers, laptops, scanners, and all other Bluetooth devices emphasize the need for their responsible usage. In return, our bodies will be strong enough to resist the health-impairing impact that Bluetooth exposure brings along. Still, one thing is certain, prolonged use of Bluetooth devices will definitely take its toll in due time.