Can Bluetooth Devices Harm Your Health?

Bluetooth devices health risks

As a member of the wireless family, the Bluetooth is a technology that has transformed data exchange game. Yet, when it comes to Bluetooth devices health risks, not all sounds promising. Today, there’s a growing concern regarding health risks associated with Bluetooth devices.

Below, read whether Bluetooth devices truly affect your health or not.

Bluetooth: A brief origin

The Bluetooth originated in 1999. Shortly after, the first Bluetooth mobile phone launched in 2000. Initially, this technology was a sort of data exchange or a synchronization medium. With technology progressing, Bluetooth users can now manage handsfree calls and simply use wireless headphones instead.

Bluetooth devices exposure – What are you up against? 

Bluetooth radiations can belong to one of 3 types:

  • Class 1 transmitters, which are the most powerful and emit the highest amount of radiation.
  • Class 2 transmitters, unlike Class 1, are less powerful than the former.
  • Finally, Class 3 transmitters are the least powerful, emitting the lowest level of radiation.

Bluetooth headsets expose you to both a cell phone radiation and Bluetooth headset radiation. Thus, if you still want to use a Bluetooth device, always choose the Class 3 transmitters. This will limit the exposure to high levels of radiation.

Bluetooth devices health risks

A number of studies concluded that Bluetooth radiation exposure negatively affects the blood and brain barrier. Research also showed there are many Bluetooth devices health risks we should be wary of. Some of these include blindness, brain tumors, neck pain, rashes, and headaches.

One of the biggest Bluetooth devices health risks is ear pain. This is particularly due to the weight of various headsets. Also, the headset placement alone can result in brain cancer. Moreover, high usage of Bluetooth devices may also lead to reduced body immunity. Birth defects and miscarriages are also likely to happen due to this exposure.

While driving, using a Bluetooth headset helps keep your hands free. This way, you can concentrate on steering and the road ahead. Thus, Bluetooth devices represent a distraction while driving. Studies also reveal that prolonged exposure to Bluetooth devices results in early baldness. Additionally, some people face fatigue and difficulty in concentrating.


While technology offers comfort and luxury, it also comes with a downside. Although Bluetooth devices health risks seem less important than their usage, your health is definitely at risk. Major health issues may occur in the long run as a result of its inappropriate use. Ultimately, it is mandatory to be aware of Bluetooth devices and their respective health risks.

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