How to Choose a Tourmaline Pendant for the Optimal Health

Black tourmaline protection benefits

Tourmaline is one of the most fascinating gemstones that is widely used to make jewelry. Tourmaline boosts a wide variety of colors and shades to match your unique taste and preference. Apart from its beauty, people now begin to see black tourmaline protection benefits, especially against EMF radiation. The stone has other diverse health benefits. The tourmaline pendant is, therefore, a beautiful addition to your collection. 

Black Tourmaline Protection Benefits and Tips 

Tourmaline comes in a variety of colors, which are believed to be the colors of the rainbow. According to an Egyptian legend, the tourmaline traveled along the rainbow on its way to earth, collecting all its colors.  Although tourmalines are found in many hues and shades, it is particularly found in black color. The other colors include green, blue, yellow, red, purple, and more.

With an extensive range of tourmaline pendant shades to choose from, it is easier to find a stone that matches your style and preference. For instance, pink is a favorite color for most women since it presents elegance and glamour. Besides, there are some tourmalines with more than one color. An example is the watermelon tourmaline, which is a combination of green and pink tourmaline.

When choosing the colors, it is advisable to view the tourmaline under different types of lighting to avoid frustrations. Blue, green, and violet stones look best under daylight while orange, red, and yellow appear beautiful under incandescent light.

Treatment Done

The other key consideration when buying your black tourmaline is the manufacturing aspect. Basically, treatment is usually done in order to improve the color of the gems and enhance their overall appearance. You should, however, note that treatment can have an impact on the value of the stone. Also, treatment of the stone can greatly affect its price since the most expensive tourmalines are untreated.

The common types of enhancement for gemstones include heating, irradiation, and oiling. While irradiation enhances the look of the stone, oiling will bury the inclusions and other cracks. Irradiation may alter the stone appearance, but this won’t impact its value.

What’s more, you should be cautious of clarity-enhanced gems because unlike an unaltered tourmaline, they are likely to have a lower market value.


Clarity is generally the appearance and quality of the gemstone. Tourmalines have several different clarity levels. However, the gemstone comes with many imperfections like cracks, fractures with liquid (fingerprints), or crystal of the same or different species growing on them. All these imperfections will have an impact on the clarity grade of the tourmaline.

You, therefore, need to know what to check when judging the tourmaline’s clarity. Often, the inclusions are more noticeable in stones that have a light tone and low color intensity. Consequently, the value of these stones will decrease.

Tourmaline Benefits

Before you buy any black tourmaline for sale, be sure to do some research or ask the jeweler about the benefits that can be accrued from it. The black tourmaline, commonly known as schorl, is a powerful crystal for protection and strengthening the nervous system. Not only is this fascinating gemstone known for making stunning pendants and jewelry, but it is also an important component for protecting yourself against negative energy.

Additionally, wearing a black tourmaline for protection can help you maintain energetic boundary so that you don’t pick other people’s energy. It will also enable you to use all black tourmaline protection benefits the stone offers.

Wondering how to activate the black tourmaline? Discharge it under running water and then recharge by exposing it to sunlight for a few hours. In order to get its benefits, wear the gemstone on the body part you want to protect.

Is the Tourmaline Real or Synthetic?

This is another thing to keep in mind when wanting to use all black tourmaline protection benefits. You want to ensure that the gemstone you purchase is authentic. With the development of modern methods and techniques, there are imitations of tourmaline in the market. These stones are likely to be poor quality and only resemble the real tourmalines.

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This gemstone can be both affordable and expensive depending on the quality, color varieties, and clarity. All these factors will affect the final price, so keep this in mind when making your buying decision. The more the carat weight, the higher the price of the stone. If the tourmaline has a good supply, then the stone price will escalate as well. 

Cleansing your Black Tourmaline

With time, your black tourmaline may start to look dull. When this happens, place the tourmaline in a glass of water and add some drops of Crab Apple Bach Remedy. Allow it to sit for 24 hours before removing it. This process of using all black tourmaline protection benefits is simple but promises lasting effects.

Remember, polishing the tourmaline with oil is another easy way to maintain it.


Allow your body to benefit from the strengthening and protection powers of the stunning black tourmaline. The energy of this gemstone will make you feel protected and secure as you carry on your daily routine. The above tips will guide you on how to choose and use the black tourmaline for protection.