Celebrities Using/Endorsing Lava Tourmaline Pendants

black tourmaline protection

The earliest references to the use of crystals in history come from the ancient Sumerians. They believed that these crystals have properties that promote healing. However, black tourmaline protection has only recently become a popular method to protect our health.

Stephanie Lynn Nicks, an American singer, sang a song entitled “Dreams”. In it, she talked about her seeing “crystal visions”. In addition, this song marked the start of the “witchy” woman stereotype, referring to someone who couldn’t afford to leave her house with her quartz.

Before, Hollywood stars used these crystals as accessories, but at present, a lot of them regard these crystals as something that deliver healing powers.

Celebrities Who Rely on Black Tourmaline Protection and Other Crystal Pendants.


It is inevitable that singers and actresses still experience stage frights no matter how frequent they face the crowd. For the notable singer, Adele, her way of overcoming this is by wearing her crystals on stage. Even more, she mentioned in one of her interviews that she nailed her performance on her comeback show due to the black tourmaline protection powers.

Unfortunately, her lucky charms got lost before the Grammys. Here, she experienced technical issues during her performance. Because of this, Adele believes she failed to get rid of her performance nerves because of the lost crystals.

Victoria Beckham.

One of the members of the all-female pop group, Spice Girls, Posh also admitted her love black tourmaline protection. In fact, she displays her crystals all around her home and office to attract positive energy. In addition, she is deeply into two crystals, pink quartz, and black tourmaline, which she brings with her during her fashion shows.

Specifically, a black tourmaline protection pendant is a powerful stone that is dead set against undesirable negative energy. Even though Victoria Beckham is aware of how other people may find her rituals strange, she relies on these crystals to help her stay positive.

Kylie Jenner.

One of the stars of the reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and founder of Kylie cosmetics, Kylie Jenner also shares her love for healing crystals. A couple of months ago, Kylie showed off a picture of enormous crystals in one of her Instagram posts with the caption: “favorite finds”.  She also featured a segment on healing crystals on her Kylie application. Kylie believes that the Lepidolite crystal is her personal favorite for EMF protection.

Khloe Kardashian.

Kylie Jenner’s sister, Khloe Kardashian, also takes great interest in healing crystals. The 31-year old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was once caught on cameras visiting a crystal shop.

Katy Perry.

In 2014, well-known female singer, Katy Perry, broke things off with the famous musician, John Mayer. After their breakup, Katy Perry learned about crystal healing from the Queen of Pop, Madonna. The latter gave Katy the contact number of a crystal healer, and Katy has been crystal-crazed since then. According to her, she carries a lot of rose quartz to attract men. Also, she thinks that this is one of the reasons why she doesn’t stay single for long!

Miranda Kerr.

To provide the vibration of self-love, the Australian model disclosed that she makes use of rose quartz to cleanse all her skincare products. Aside from rose quartz, she also has amethyst crystals around her home. She personally carries with her a clear crystal-flecked with rose quartz which she calls “crystal wand”.

Clear quartz is a beautiful crystal significant for converting negative energy into positive energy. The work of the magnificent stone is to safeguard the heart, provide emotional stability, release tension and stress, thus boosting love and self-esteem.

According to Miranda, these crystals can also be utilized in massage. The use of crystals in massages can help release tension as the healing energy from the stone is transmitted to the body.

Kate Hudson.

The Hollywood star has a crystal bowl jammed with rose quartz which was given to her on Mother’s Day by her mother.

Cara Delevingne.

The British fashion model also believes in the healing powers and legendary uses of crystals. What is more, Cara collects a diverse metaphysical assortment of these from Spellbound Sky.

Lena Dunham.

Lena has crystal-wand powder pendants and crystals, by jewelry designer Adina Mills. The amazing queen of crystals also makes EMF protection bracelets and protection pendants. Name it and she can mold it, considering that she’s been doing this craft for over 13 years; no wonder why Lena Dunham loves her work.


Knowing all the celebrities having this crazy obsession with crystals make other people wonder – “do EMF pendants work?”. In case you’re wondering, EMF stands for the electromagnetic field. Moreover, studies have shown that these dangerous frequencies can cause fatigue and build up stress.

Meanwhile, crystals have a stabilized molecular structure which helps alter energy imbalances.  Of course, the crystals intend to naturally heal the effects of electrical sensitivity and ultimately block EMF’s. As such, to absorb electromagnetic radiation, use the black tourmaline protection crystal or those ‘related’ to it.

These celebrities remind us that peaceful contemplation is imperative. Conclusively, it doesn’t hurt to set an intention and let the crystals and stones work for you!

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