Pros and Cons of Using Lava Tourmaline Pendants for EMF Protection

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Electromagnetic fields, commonly known as EMF, are damaging to the human body. It is for this reason why people need protection from it. With society embracing the changes, especially the innovation of technology nowadays, we left our children and ourselves exposed to the potential risks of machines and tools. This leaves us more vulnerable to the damaging effects of EMFs. But, let’s discuss a possible solution, in the form of black tourmaline pendants.

Ask yourselves, is there a way to eliminate EMF? Unfortunately, you can’t. This is because EMF is found both in nature in made-made devices. Fortunately, even though EMF is unavoidable, you can prevent it through a number of measures. For instance, some of these include wearing an EMF protection bracelet and a black tourmaline necklace.

But before you even start using tourmaline pendants, necklace and bracelets for EMF, you might want to know the benefits you can get from them first.

Benefits of Using Black Tourmaline Pendants.

As electronic gadgets and machines start growing in number, we are also becoming easily exposed and surrounded by electromagnetic field radiation. This can be remedied by using black or lava tourmaline, a powerful gemstone designed for EMF protection. Here are reasons why you should use one:

Effective Radiation Blocker.

Wearing a tourmaline stone won’t really block EMF from EMF-emitting gadgets; rather, it improves your body’s electrical field. As a result, it makes you grounded and protected from EMF. The most known property of tourmaline stones is the ability to end up electrically charged by simply stroking it. Not only do they give incredible protection against EMF radiation from electronic hardware, they also serve as a shield against environmental toxins.

Negative Energy Remover.

Black tourmaline pendants are great protectors; just one of them can be enough to combat negative energies around you. Being healthy is not just about having a balanced diet and regular exercise; it is also maintaining the cleanliness of our aura. That said, wearing the best EMF protection necklace can improve your overall health. Simply put it on during meditations or yoga sessions to aid in purifying your aura and keep negative energies away.

Scalar Energy.

Black tourmaline pendants neutralize the dangerous EMF radiation in the atmosphere. While they serve to protect, they are also considered as a booster for people working in EMF-filled places. Tourmaline stones can be placed at the knees or feet to lead the negative forces out of the body.

Possible Downsides of Using Black Tourmaline Pendants.

If you conduct your own study on black tourmaline, you will probably come across its health benefits and a very few of its downside. While not all black tourmaline users have experienced side effects, there are a few who did.

Since they are strong energy conductors, they are likely to give side effects, especially during the beginning. That said, here are some of the common possible side effects of using black tourmaline pendants.


Too much contact with tourmaline stone may lead to diarrhea or an upset stomach. If your body is still adjusting to the power of the pendant, it is likely you will experience this side-effect. As an alternative, you can change the stone for a smaller one. Also, you can decide to wear it for less time than before. In addition, check if there is an overdose of energy as this can be a problem as well.


This is one of the most common side effects of wearing tourmaline bracelets and pendants. The energy from the pendant will adjust with your brain energy, causing mild headaches. The unexpected contact of the stone can shock your sixth sense, thus causing it to hurt. Of course, this is good because the brain is trying to adjust to the new energy. Therefore, take serious caution and don’t neglect the symptoms. If the headache continues, removing the pendant will help until it becomes tolerable.


Another side effect that you need to be aware of is dizziness. Instead of standing up straight and quick, take it slow until the dizziness goes away. Light-headedness is just an initial effect of the black tourmaline energy. Therefore, take things slow and observe your body. Here, there’s no need to rush things. Instead, relax and have faith in the healing process.

Energy Tingles.

When wearing black tourmaline pendants, you may feel a tingling sensation in the body and especially the limbs. As information, this is another possible side-effect along with hot and cold sweats. If you can bear them, continue wearing your pendant. However, if they become intolerable, taking out the stone for the meantime can help. 

Mood Swings.

Unpredictable mood swings are possible when using tourmaline stones. This is because of the negative past memories of the user which the person is carrying since then. However, there’s no need to worry because it will vanish gradually. Also, sensitivity to some things may also happen, such as triggering moments due to a variety of factors. Such include TV programs, movies, or songs which may welcome memoirs of the past.

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