7 Ways to Naturally Repel Negative Energies (#5 Is Crucial!)

Black tourmaline negativity cleanse

People are now inclined to trying different alternatives to lessen stress and improve life in general. One of the rages recently is clearing bad energies at home using natural and doable methods. However, many beneficial crystals and elements can successfully help you cleanse your space. More precisely, a black tourmaline negativity cleanse is one of the best ways to successfully eliminate negativity at home. 

As several studies reveal, negative energies have a detrimental effect on human beings, either physically, mentally, and socially. If you let these bad energies take control, it’s the same thing as giving this unseen force the permission to make your life harder. The good news is that there are easy and actionable ways that you can do to help repel negative energies in your home. How? Find out below!

5 Ways to Do a Proper Negativity Cleanse
  • Flood Rooms with Light.

How do you drive negative energy away from your home? Flood the rooms with good energy, of course!

A very easy thing to do to is to open all windows in the house and let the natural light inside. Letting natural light through your space means renewing the air. Research has proven that natural light helps people be healthier, feel happier, and think calmer. It specifically helps regulate several mood disorders like Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Moreover, natural light boosts the body’s Vitamin D level, which is essential in absorbing calcium and preventing certain types of illnesses.

  • Sprinkle Salt Crystals.

Salt crystals are known to have natural ability to absorb negative energy. It purifies the air inside your house and neutralizes the electromagnetic radiation. What you can do is sprinkle some salt crystals on the floor or on your carpet. Make sure to cover all corners of the rooms, especially the shaded and closed areas like the basement, walk-in closet, and bathroom.

Another way to do this is to place the salt crystals in a bowl and place the bowl in areas that you specifically want to cleanse.

  • Burn White Sage.

Smudging is a type of ceremony that involves the burning of sacred herbs for spiritual cleansing. However, this practice is also believed to help ward off bad energies in a room.

Burn white sage sticks and wave the smoke across doorways, in all corners, and in shaded areas. Make sure to do the wave in a counterclockwise rotation. The smoke coming from the burning safe will shift the air element and will diffuse stagnant energy.

Smudging white sage is particularly recommended in the following situations:

  1. Before your yoga session or meditation
  2. Before and after inviting guests into the house
  3. When returning home from work or other congested places
  4. After having an argument
  5. After any illness
  • Grow Some Greens

It’s a common knowledge that plants are a good stress reliever and a natural filter from negative energy. For one, they make sure that your house has enough oxygen while absorbing the carbon dioxide present in the area.

In fact, several studies have already been conducted which support the claim that the presence of plants in a room helps improve air quality, thus releasing positive energy. Some of the popular plant choices that you can grow inside are peace lily, money plant, rosemary, rubber plant, and bamboo palm. You can also place potted flowers to make it more pleasing to the eyes.

  • Use Black Tourmaline.
Black Tourmaline Negativity Cleanse

Stones and crystals provide protection from bad energy and transform this energy into a good one. The best way to clear negative energy is by doing a black tourmaline negativity cleanse. 

Black tourmaline for protection absorbs the bad energy radiating from a  person, a thing, or from a place. This makes a black Tourmaline negativity cleanse one of the best tips for clearing negative energy from a house.

How do you do a black tourmaline negativity cleanse? Simply place the crystal in certain areas that you want to cleanse like on your bedside table, kitchen counter or use it as a living room centerpiece. Another alternative is to carry the black tourmaline with you by wearing a black tourmaline necklace or just placing it inside your pocket.  

What’s even more amazing is that black tourmaline for kids is also possible. Just let your kids wear the black tourmaline necklace to protect them from the bad energies in school.

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  • Spray Rose Water In the House.

If sprinkling salt crystals in all corners of your home, is not something you’d prefer, you can opt for spritzing essential oil or water instead. One of the most popular options is the rose water.  After cleaning and sweeping your home, spray enough amount of rose water to add another seal of protection against bad energy.

  • Ring a Bell in Every Corner.

Playing vibration music is a great way to transform negative energy into positive energy. Aside from relieving you from stress, the vibration will align negative energy, thus making easier for the “chi” or positive energy to flow in the space.

What should you do? Ring a handheld bell (or a gong if you have any) around your house. Make sure the sound of the bell is clear and can last longer.

These 7 ways are very easy to do and will take you no more than 10 minutes. If you have the time to spare to watch TV or browse your smartphone, why not allow a few minutes to do one or two of these things to ward off negative vibes in your humble abode, right?

Using a black tourmaline negativity cleanse is certainly one of our favorites. What are yours? Share them down below!

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